Sagrada Famillia, Barcelona


Sagrada Famillia is regarded by many to top of the list of the tourist attractions in Barcelona. And it is indeed a place you don’t want to miss during your visit to Catalonia.

DSC04235 DSC04323

Front and side view of the church.

Sagrada familia is the architectural master piece of the famous catalonian architect Antoni Gaudi. Though there are several buildings in Barcelona, designed by Gaudi, it is the most famous and most complex.




The Basilica was the idea of a bookseller, Josep Maria who appointed Gaudi in 1883. But Gaudi was able to do only 1/4th of the job before he died. The rest was completed under  the guidance of Domènec Sugrañes i Gras.



The art of La Sagrada familia is a mosaic of Spanish Late Gothic, Catalan Modernism and Art Nouveau or Catalan Noucentisme. While the Sagrada Família falls within the Art Nouveau period, Gaudí carried the Art Nouveau style far beyond its usual application and incorporated his own unique style to build a historical masterpiece.





There has been extensive use of symbolism  throughout the decoration of the church. The towers are decorated with words such as “Hosanna”, “Excelsis”, and “Sanctus”;  and three entrances symbolize the three virtues: Faith, Hope and Love and one part of life of Jesus each.


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It is included in the UNESCO  world heritage site along with other Gaudi buildings. It is very easy to reach the church as the metro station bears the same name. You can buy a Barcelona ten ride pass which is multi personal and valid for metro, bus and tram, available in the i” centres and in the station Kiosks. The entry fee was 15 euro, you can save time by prebook it through internet.

IMG_2531 The replica  of the church kept in Maritime museum.




Centering the church , many souvenir shop have grown, including the official shop  inside the premises. Catalonia took tourism as serious business, as I have told you earlier. The photo of the church is printed on key rings, t shirts , mugs, flower vase , jewellery, scarfs , pens, utensils -each & every souvenir you can think of. There are small replicas of the church and little pieces of Gaudi’s unique multicoloured stone works. From the church different streets are stretched , with endless restaurants and other shops. We walked through one to our next destination , and it gave us another magnificent distant view of the basilica.  I would definitely recommend you Sagrada familia , if you are heading to Barcelona.


[Originally published  in 21st March, 2015 , reposted on 17th May, 2016]

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