San Remo..The Italian Riviera


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People think of Florence, Venice and Rome when they think of Italy. But Italy is much more than that. That is what I realised  when I visited the beautiful coastal town of San Remo in North west Italy. It is situated at longitude 7.77  😀

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San remo is connected to Ventimilgia by A10 roadway and also by train. We took a train from Nice to Ventimiglia and then took a Bus to Sanremo, because road trip is cheaper. The bus stop is 5 minutes walk from Ventimiglia station and bus are available every half an hour. Frequency of train once in a hour.

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Sanremo has got an amazing beach. You can enjoy the sea view by simply sitting there or take part variety of sports such as cycling, skating and jogging. Sanremo is the Finnish line for Milan -Sanremo cycle race. It is possible to rent bikes and roam around. IMG_1865

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By the beach, Gino Napolitano garden is there. And the port is also nearby, which  is beautiful. There are restaurants and pasta bars and pizzerias. Small markets of pasta, asian market and olive oils, handmade soaps and organic cosmetics.


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San Remo has epitomised the culture and tradition of pasta making and now export high quality Durum Wheat Pasta to 35 countries throughout the world. But I loved their lasagne more 🙂 They even have company producing pasta in the same name. It is also famous for the Sanremo music festival.

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[originally posted on May 12, 2015, reposted on May 7 , 2016]

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  1. Some years ago we spent our summer vacation in this area. We drove from Nice up to Chamonix and down to the Ligurian coast on the Italian side of the border before we drove back to Nice along the coast. What an amazing area! It was a great road trip. Unfortunately we didn’t have time to stop by San Remo, it looks very nice. But we did spent about a week on the coast in some smaller cities. The food along the coast, especially the sea food, was great! And the cliffs diving into the ocean with houses hanging on, amazing.

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  2. What lovely pictures 🙂 Glad to chance upon your blog..I love Italy and just came from my second trip. I blog on Italy too and am from India otherwise…My blog-

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  3. Stunning photographs… Truly beautiful…
    By the way, I have a nomination for you… we are talking about the Epic Awesomeness Award.. You can check it out if you want to join … No pressures. It is totally up to you… All my best wishes. Merry christmas to you 🎅🎄. Aquileana 😄

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