Capitole de Toulouse..

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I remember in my bucket list I put one photo of Capitole, borrowed from Google ! And then I saw this building for the first time and then many times. I clicked some photos, and I explored inside. I did not really know before that it holds such great pieces of paintings and sculptures apart from being the municipal administrative building. DSC04688 DSC04690 DSC04696 DSC04709 DSC04716 DSC04693

The construction of the original building  dates back to  1190, to provide a seat for the government of a province growing in wealth and influence. In the 20th century however , the structures surrounding the vast  Place du Capitole were redesigned.  The current façade, 135 metres long and built of the characteristic pink brick in Neoclassical style, dates from 1750, built according to plans by Guillaume Cammas. DSC04728 DSC04738 DSC04725 DSC04766 DSC04767 DSC04761 DSC04763

Today the Capitole houses the city hall, and the Théâtre du Capitole de Toulouse opera company and a symphony orchestra. The Salle des Illustres demonstrates 19th century works of arts and sculpture, some of  which I am sharing here with you guys.

3D painting in Capitol
3D painting in Capitol

DSC04734 DSC04723 DSC04739 DSC04729 DSC04769 DSC04765 DSC04748 DSC04740 DSC04753   DSC04750 DSC04755 DSC04743 DSC04746 DSC04771 DSC04752 DSC04773 DSC04733

When I first read about Toulouse, I read there are few small shops in front of Capitole delivering  nice donuts and a spacial  cheese and poatao dish called Aligot. So I took “une petit” dish and tasted it. Many of my friends told they did not like it, but I really loved it 🙂

Aligot: the famous
Aligot: the famous” capitol dish”


[Originally posted on 24th April, 2015, reposted on March 30, 2016]

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  1. Marvelous! Thank you for letting me see this beautiful place through your eyes. 🙂
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