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  1. Great always! Was wondering..has all of this world craziness in any way dampened your desire to keep traveling? Of course I obsess so much about turbulence, I hardly have the space in my mind to contemplate the other issue that begins with the letter T… 😁

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    1. No they didn’t. Of course m keeping away from Europe for some time now. Partly because of money, and partly because of new violent events. But sure will be heading back some day. After all hope keeps us alive 😊

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      1. Agreed. Was just looking at pictures of Palmyra and the damage purposely inflicted there. I mean it’s certainly not as bad as taking human lives, but it is so sad that there are people who want to destroy the historical sites that others would so love to visit and admire. Oh well, like you said..let’s hope that good people come up with the antidote to this scourge.

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