Happy women’s day, I am proud being one :)

या देवी सर्व भुतेशु शक्ति रुपेन सस्मिथा नम: तस्ये नम: तस्ये नम: तस्ये नमो नम:||

O Mother, who is present everywhere, who is the embodiment of Power and Energy, I bow to you, I bow to you, I bow to you.”


People have their very own way to celebrate the contribution of women in society and family. There are thousands of brave women all over the world who fight everyday to conquer the inequality and sexism. However the illusion may be, we are not treated equally in most part of the world. Sometimes the law is against us, sometimes the society. The need of a special day reminds us all the time that there is no equality, but it is certainly a goal to be achieved.One thing I realised, small changes together make a big one. So, if we all try to see a man and woman equal from now, gradually we can make a big difference!!!

Today, you will meet some amazing women here , I think their blogs reflect their thoughts, strength, courage and creativity from within, which is an inspiration to me …and can be to you as well!!  Today I am celebrating with them with the others whose blog I read but due to space issues could not mention separately.

Meet Art at hand , she says about herself:

“There’s a myth out there. It’s the myth of getting older. The one that says that I can’t learn anything new and that my best years are behind me. The one that says there’s no time to become an artist because it’s too late.So here I am, to challenge that myth. I’m here to create, learn, play, and inspire, as I start the second half of my life.Art helps me make sense of the world. It also lets me live in a world of possibility.”

Meet Corey, she says:

“Hi, my name is Corey, …. I believe it was my endless hours as a child exploring the acres of woods and fields in back country Connecticut, where I grew up, that would spark the future “travel bug” in me. I would navigate the land day after day, always hoping to discover something new. To me, travel is about curiosity and adventure, and can be had anywhere, near or far. This is what I hope to show my two girls, and why I have started this blog.”

Meet Gypsy queen , she says about herself:

“an extensive traveller, writer and specialist in communications solutions. She is a native of Africa, half Zimbabwean and half South African, and speaks five languages – English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Japanese. The travel bug bit early. Born in Zimbabwe, childhood family holidays usually involved long road trips across Southern Africa – either to visit family in different areas or to find the most remote fishing spot possible. Yes, she bathed in crocodile and hippopotamus infested rivers, narrowly escaped being trampled by a herd of wild elephants and saw lions in their natural habitats all before the age of fourteen, when she moved to Europe.
She has worked as a journalist, editor, English teacher and translator.”

Meet Linda and Heidi , Linda says:

“I am Linda, the older sister…as youngsters, Heidi & I shared a room. We were up all night chit-chatting and plotting and planning! We decided to start a blog because even though we now live in separate states, we love to share our daily menus and recipes with each other. Our families enjoy our meals so much they’ve all said we should have our own restaurant, but alas, we’re too far apart, so by blogging we can share our love of food with you! Please enjoy this journey with us!”

Meet  Jean,  she says about herself:

‘In October 2012 I began to write my first book.  I had been part of a writer’s workshop in the late 1980’s in Clare, and some of my work was included in their first publication, Sticks and Stones.  As my family grew I had less time for writing, except for the odd poem now and again.  It wasn’t until 2012 that I really put my heart into writing a book.  In February 2013 I joined a local writer’s group and received the encouragement I needed to finish my first book.  What started out as a once off novel, turned into a trilogy.’

Meet Kerry, she says :

“In olden days I would have been a storyteller, wandering from village to village, sharing my tales of the world. I am intensely curious about almost everything and notice small details. Chatty Kerry is my domain name and it is very accurate. My Irish Nana used to say that I must have kissed the Blarney Stone and I can hear her voice saying to my mother, “The child hasn’t stopped talking all day!” It must have been so bad that she couldn’t even bear to say my name! I have had an interesting life, not always pleasant, but have had the chance to travel extensively both for leisure and work. Even when the destination was not desirable, my curiosity allows me to see something special everywhere. ”

Meet Iridonousa , she makes jewellery inspired by color and energy:

“Searching and Expressing Beauty, Color, Values and Subtle Energies that make our World a Joy to Live in. My medium for all these things are Delightful Gemstones and Silver or Gold Metal , Jewelry. Love the Natural , Vivid full of Subtle Energies Gemstones and combining them with Silver or Gold metals I strive to make Beautiful Jewelry. Hope you Like and Enjoy them as much as I Enjoy making them.”

I cannot forget Bukky,  she says about herself:

“My name is Olubukola Ogunniyi. Most people call me Bukky (short for Olubukola).  I am passionate about girl child education and women empowerment. Maybe because I was born and raised in the northern part of Nigeria, where girls have minimal rights. I have chosen to use the art of storytelling, photography, social interaction and travel as woven tools to inspire young girls and women, in this blog. My goal is to visit every part (safely say, most) of the globe and feature its amazing women in this blog.”

Meet Mikyriccia , she says:

“I’m a  certified tour leader guide , personal shopper in Tuscany  & wedding planner  in Italy.My first passion  were shoes : working as footwear agent for about twenty years with my father who first started this profession ,”.”Think I  became a personal shopper ante litteram as I did it much more in advance because  all my  foreign clients needed a  guide for their shopping, ,suggestings for  their dinner & lunch  and beautiful places where  to stay.”
” When I am not travelling you can find me in my Restaurant Pizzeria” Il Pollo d’Oro ” in Pistoia ”


Meet Cynthia M, she says about her blog :

“I enjoy having this little space to be creative, and to keep track of recipes, thoughts, photos, or events until they fade away in my memory. Perhaps, as I thought almost a year ago, “shit that I’m interested in” just about sums that up.”

Meet Cynthia 

“Hi! I live in a small New England town in an old farmhouse on an acre of land. I grow vegetables,flowers, fruits and herbs, all organically. I have 3 wonderful daughters. For 9 years I had a little gift shop where I sold herbal soaps, creams, balms and a lot more that I made myself. I used the purest ingredients I could find. A lot of them, I grew here. I studied art for a few years and that came in real handy when it came time to design the labels and figure out the packaging. It comes in handy here too because all the photos, (except the books featured), are my own. My home and gardens I try to make a clean, beautiful, healthy haven for myself and all the creatures that share it with me. I make whatever I can, as naturally and as beautifully as I can. I reuse, refurbish, cook, tincture, culture, paint and sew!”


Meet Jolandi

Not only was I born with itchy South African feet, but also a curiosity and interest in the world at large that reading on its own, will never be able to quench. As a result I have done au pair work in Germany, taught English in Taiwan and Korea, had a stint in Kenya and Zambia, and walked across northern Spain following the Camino Francaise from St Jean Pied du Port to Finisterre. Shorter trips took me to Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Hong Kong, Singapore, France, Austria, Holland, Portugal, India, Thailand, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Oman, Nepal, Turkey, and Jordan. My life is rich with experiences and stories from my travels.Since my arrival in the UAE on 20 October 2011, my senses have been flooded with images, sounds, tastes, smells and textures. It is this gentle stirring of the senses that is compelling me to exploration, discovery, self-expression and sharing.”

Meet Koolaidmom ,

“I am a mom who loves her family, Walt Disney World and food! I have been trying to make a different dish for my family each weekday for the past 3 years. I have made some great dishes and some failures. I tell you what works for this real world mom and what didn’t. I blog all about our family adventures and recipes at What’s for Dinner Moms?”

Meet Ana

“Hello!!! Hi!!! My name is Ana, right…with one “n” if you have been wondering. I was born in Straseni, Moldova, but moved to Austria to continue my studies. I have some hobbies which I would like to share with you, like reading, running, cooking, decorating and organizing, braiding and so on. Sometimes I really like the results of my work and that lead to idea of a blog. I wish I will be motivated to write often and to share usefull and interesting ideas.”

Meet  Johana

“This is a simple blog about lovely, beautiful and often a bit kitschy everyday things. And about my passion for illustrative art. In 2014, I went back to school, for art classes to improve my drawing skills. Mrs. Walker is a character from one of my favorite cozy reads, ‘Miss Buncle’s Book’ by D.E. Stevenson. Mrs. Walker is a down to earth woman who looks at life with a sense of humor, who adores her family and is quite creative. I like to think, I look a bit like her…”

Meet Hannah, she inspires me,

“I’m Hannah. I have Common Variable Immune Deficiency (CVID), which affects only 1 in 50,000 people, and is life threatening. Just for good measure, lest I get too focused on one thing, I also have a handful of autoimmune diseases thrown into the mix. I live in the greater LA area, am a retired teacher, and am also a musician and a published writer (though it’s been a rather a long time since I spent most of my time writing). Some days I type a bit from my armchair. On better days I type sitting up at my desk. All days I try to stay as healthy as I can, which is often a full time job in and of itself. Lately I have begun to be able to add some regular exercise into my day and have discovered that it truly helps.”

Meet  Marcey, she says:
‘I live with Jim, my wonderful husband of 35 years on Galveston Island, which is right outside of Texas! I am a vegetarian. My goal is to make vegetarian meals that even meat eaters will love. We love to travel to unique places. If we cant get away, we bike, take long walks on the beach and find unusual places to visit nearby”
Meet Peggy, a traveler in the true sense of the term:

“I’m a freelance writer, specialising in plain English for the Australian Government. I’m originally from Nebraska, but left the USA in 1976 because I won a scholarship to do my master’s degree at the University of Cairo in Egypt.Poor John and I met in Cairo. After my degree work, I returned to the USA to lecture in journalism at the University of Nebraska at Kearney. A little later we hooked up again and got married in Ajlun, Jordan, in 1980. After that, we spent quite a bit of time in the Middle East—especially Syria, Jordan and Lebanon. Our first daughter was born in Damascus, Syria. We also had a few years living in South East Asia.This blog is mostly about our extended road trips and the camping, sights, meals, happenings and occasional souvenirs that go with them.We’ve done a lot of time in cars, vans, trucks, buses, tuk tuks, trains, boats, ferries, donkeys, horses—you name it. And stayed in tents, hostels and cheap hotels most of the time. We’ve been part of many cook groups and shopped our way through food markets (one of my passions) in most parts of the globe.”

Meet Me,

I am a doctor who deals with cancer. I see every now and then, how people loose their loved ones and realise every time we have so little time to love , and  money has so little to do with happiness. You must live today, enjoy life, grow something in your garden, cook , take green steps  for the environment and be free from any kind of sexism and racism. Differentiating people based on their sex or skin colour seems too heinous to me.

I love to travel as you have already seen, except that I paint, cook and love to take photos. I believe in equality of human race, and whenever I see anyone trying to hamper that equality , I become vocal. In 1975, which was designated as International Women’s Year, the United Nations gave official sanction to, and began sponsoring, International Women’s Day on 8th March. But I believe we must work towards a society when no longer we will need this day to remember the part played by women in society, instead every day will be a celebration of humanity.

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  1. Fantastic post! Thank you for celebrating International Women’s Day and thank you for introducing us to some more awesome bloggers. I am looking forward to getting to know their blogs!

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