Atomium, Brussels

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Atomium has become another symbol for the city of Brussels after Manneken -pis. Originally it was built for Brussel’s world fair in 1958, but now every tourist remains awestruck by this unique architectural piece of work. Designed by the engineer André Waterkeyn and architects André and Jean Polak,it stands 102 m (335 ft) tall and have  nine 18 m (59 ft) diameter stainless steel clad spheresare connected  together so that the whole forms the shape of a unit cell of an iron crystal magnified 165 billion times 😀


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Atomium is situated little far from the city centre. Understandably, so big a structure needed space which is not available in the main city. The exact address being Avenue de l’Atomium, 1020 Bruxelles, Belgium, you can reach here by bus, hop off hop on, tram and metro(Line 6, stop Heysel). The ticket for the atomium is 12 EUR with reductions for children and students and 3 EUR reduction with Brussels card.






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The new exhibition in  Atomium is spread over 2 floors (levels 1 & 2). It tells the history of this pavillion of more than 50 years old and how it became, with time, the symbol of the city of Brussels and of Belgium. In the panorama (level 7) the visitor gets extensive information about the location of Brussels’ buildings and districts along with images of Expo 58. But if you are short in time, you can skip others to directly go through the elevators and discover the beautiful panoramic view of the city of Brussels.





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Beside Atomium, Mini europe is another park which is a prominent tourist spot. Combined tickets are available in Atomium. It is a park where mini models of the most beautiful towns of the Continent. But I was satisfied with the view from Atomium, I really did not waste my short time in the artificial park.


Mini europe

DSC08546 DSC_5259

The Expo-star, an elegant, asymmetric star, still is a recognisable symbol you can find here. The five rays represent the five continents, carrying out the humanistic message to the entire  world. On the right side you can see a globe and the date. In the center of the star one can recognize an image of the Brussels city hall.  There is also a gourmet restaurant in the panorama ,the 7th floor.



DSC08565 DSC08561


There has been a new tradition ( yeah paradox!!!) of young lovers making their way up to the panorama for a proposal. Now that is quite amazing, and if you are planning of proposing your beloved, you may try this one 😀





DSC08592When I came down after seeing the structure, I had to wait half an hour for my hop off hop on bus to come. The surrounding is nice and has some parks around. At around 6 pm the last bus comes here. So, it is not very fruitful to buy hop pff hop on in Brussels, if you are not planning  seating on the bus from 9-6.  I won’t say I didn’t like their tour, I did like seating in the top and seeing around. But they are little overpriced and if you see one attraction for some time, you have to wait long for another bus, thereby losing time as most of the museums close at around 5 pm, and the tour close their service @6 pm. So, u almost pay for nothing. I would suggest you to take metro and get down at Heysel and then walk to Atomium.


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