Naturhistoriska Museet, Stockholm.

Naturhistoriska riksmuseet, Stockholm


If you want to visit only one museum in Stockholm, I think this is the one. Many of you may be fascinated by the Naturhistoriska riksmuseet or Swedish Natural history museum of Stockholm like I am.It has a huge permanent collection and cosmonova. And the best thing is the permanent exhibitions are absolutely free for all visitors. You have to pay only for cosmonova, and it also has students’ discount (70SEK).


Manny the mammoth


The first section I visited was ‘ Diversity of Life’. Around 1.8 million species have been scientifically described; whereas scientists assume as many as 100 million species exist on earth! The rooms exhibits many exotic bird species, asian animals, thousands of butterfly and bugs, water lives etc. The vertebra shown in this picture is from a giant whale and several hundred times bigger than a human vertebra. The hall shows skeletons of mammoths, skull of wolverine and skeletons of many small extinguished birds.


Bug’s life


While you enter, the lady in the reception will give you a sitemap and you can decide which section to visit first. I like the diversity of life, so I went here first. The next section I visited is the human evolution, followed by fossils.


DSC03340 DSC03174

Model of dinosaur eggs and babies.

This section is very interesting, it shows fossils from hundred thousand years ago. The oldest specimen of the museum is also located here. This permanent exhibition  is relatively new, and describes the story of animals and plants that have come and gone during the history of Earth depicted with true skeletons, models and fossils. There is an iguana, it moves with closed eyes, I do not know it is a model or it is really alive :O


Oldest collection of the fossils.


He moves !!!!!???


The polar region was closed due to some work, so I went to the museum shop for a while. And then I moved to the 1st floor to the  temporary exhibition named ‘ mysteries of the Unseen World ‘ followed by the section of  Life in water.  Then I moved onto ” The human animal” .

The museum has a restaurant, picnic area and washrooms in different floors. Funny thing is they have decorated the outside of toilets with the poops of different animals, how different they look like… Lolz 😀




The Human Animal describes the human body from an evolutional perspective. You can discover here, we have just as many neck vertebrae as a giraffe! And we have a lot in common with other animals such as apes, pigs horses and worms! This section is interesting to the kids, as there are plenty of activities for all sensory organs and many things to try for the curious.


The ‘Tresures from the Earth’s interior” shows  different kinds of stones and minerals. Here the largest meteorite ever discovered in Sweden is also kept. A brief film introduces the subject. The cartoon character Kalle Kvarts provides explanations on display boards for kids, who are invited to visit Kalle´s treasure cave to learn more about quartz – the Earth´s most common mineral. Also there are several scientific exhibits. You can also gain an insight into some of the projects carried out by the mineralogists at the museum.

Largest meteorite in Sweden


Lastly I visited Sverige’s djur och natur meaning the Swedish nature. Many nordic birds are in display along with few key animals of Sweden like, elk, reindeer and dogs. Snow leopard catching a bird, brown rabbit and white bear are also kept. I particularly enjoyed this section. I don’t have many things to write about this museum, but there is much to see,for both adults and children. So, I am definitely recommending this museum.




Museum opens from Tuesday to Sunday from 10-18. So, do not think much, if you are in Stockholm, take the bus 50 from Odenplan T bana and get down at the stop in the name of the museum. And enter to the mesmerising world of our own evolution 🙂

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