Allianz arena, Munich

Allianz Arena, the famous football stadium in Munich, is connected to the city by U6 Bahn which runs from Garching to Marienplatz. The stadium is famous for being FC Bayern's home ground with a 75,024 seating capacity.Though it is the third largest arena of Germany, it is quite famous for being the  first stadium in the world with a full colour... Continue Reading →


Dachau concentration camp memorial site…..

[The following media may contain sensitive material] Before writing this post, I thought many times, if I should write it or not. If I should share photos or not. Many people think it is inappropriate to click and share photos for such a sensitive place. So I was wondering ... Many days passed since I visit... Continue Reading →

Ice Hotel, Lapland

ICE hotel is probably the most travelled destination for tourists in Swedish Lapland in winter. It is indeed a great and unique architecture, and worth sharing. It is easy to go ICE hotel, when you are living in Norrbotten county and have the bus card, otherwise it is connected by air and train. Both from... Continue Reading →


Dragon’s loyalty, Liebster, Sunshine Blogger, Versatile blogger, The lovely blog & Epic awesomeness Awards

I am extremely thankful to my co-bloggers, who consider me eligible for so many awards. I am sorry guys, I am responding so late, but I hope I can make it upto you. I love you guys and I love your blogs . Thank you for being an important part of my life , yes you are... Continue Reading →


Grand place, Brussels.

The Grand place is the most happening square of the city of Brussels. It also houses the city's most beautiful gothic & baroque structures, being  the guild houses, the City Hall and the Maison du Roi. So, no wonder it is an UNESCO world heritage site.   The Hôtel de Ville  or the City Hall, accentuated by... Continue Reading →


City Hall, Brussels..

If you are visiting Brussels, grand place is a must because around the square many museums and the most prominent gothic building of Brussels, the town hall or the city hall are situated. The town hall is a beautiful architecture from 1400 and  a major attraction. It hosts many exhibitions and festivals. When I went there, the... Continue Reading →


Bromsgatan, Kiruna

There are thousands of snow covered apartments and streets in Europe, so why Bromsgatan!! Not that it is a big tourist attraction .. nothing unusual is here than a quiet snow covered neighbourhood ..then why I am posting it?  Because my friends, soon it is going to be part of history ... As many of... Continue Reading →


Jordaan, Amsterdam..

After posting constantly snow snow and snow, I thought my readers may like some colourful summer days in picture. Anyway, there are lots of post about my summer trip to Germany, Belgium and Netherlands  are still to be written. So, I am serving you this colourful treat of Jordaan, the garden neighbourhood of Amsterdam. The... Continue Reading →


The frozen river and more Jukkasjärvi..

If you scroll back in my blog in Sami Village, you can see the sunny pictures of Jukkasjervi in Summer. So, it was amazing to see how everything has been turned white in  Christmas time. The winter has its own beauty in this little village of Sweden. As I have the bus card, it is... Continue Reading →


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