Just saw Northern Lights…beyond words..


”The northern cheek of the heavens, by a sudden glory kissed                             Blushed to the tint roses, and hid in an amber mist…..”- May Riley Smith

Ever since I travelled , I always wanted to see northern lights. Even after being in Kiruna for 2 weeks in christmas, no sign of it made me quite sad, but I knew, mother nature will bless me. And after all the anticipation, today it happened. I experienced Northern lights….. I cannot tell you how grateful I am! It is an unearthly earthly experience…( yes, you heard right)…

When I saw the  Kiruna all-sky camera at around 10 o’clock at night,  there are bands of aurora , we ran to the balcony ignoring -10 degree. And with hands freezing, cheek burning, we saw the green band expanding , waving through the sky, reaching the horizon, turning into pink ….and it was all worth freezing in cold. I am amazed and grateful , I have this experience. So I wanted to share with you immediately…

God…I am grateful for your beautiful creations …
A cruel smile …

“Oh, it was wild and weird and wan, and ever in camp o’ nights
We would watch and watch the silver dance of the mystic Northern Lights.
And soft they danced from the Polar sky and swept in primrose haze;
And swift they pranced with their silver feet, and pierced with a blinding blaze.
They danced a cotillion in the sky; they were rose and silver shod;
It was not good for the eyes of man                                                                                                      ‘Twas a sight for the eyes of God”

[ROBERT SERVICE, “The Ballad of the Northern Lights”]

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108 thoughts on “Just saw Northern Lights…beyond words..

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    1. Merry Christmas and happy new year to you too. I wish yr holidays to be full of happiness and light
      And indeed I count it as blessing to experience the northern lights. They are so beautiful and overwhelming experience

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  1. Wow! Absolutely amazing. This is one of those under appreciated natual wonders that everyone should witness. I can’t wait for the day that I get to experience it.

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    1. Thank you Thom. It really is. And now I’m really grateful, because I understand even when you travel to North, you may not see ” em always. They may not appear for month and there may be clouds. So, I have seen 3 times in a period of one month which is really good.


  2. Beautiful post – I am going to try and read others ‘in reverse order’ but as you know I have had a lot on….more than I anticipated.
    I love the poem and stunning photos as usual……
    Kate has been in the artic circle three times now and never seen them – but bizarrely I saw them from Paris……..
    Lindy xx

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      1. A bit up and down atm – things in the pipeline, lovely seeing family and friends, but a couple of little hitches, I have a lot of backtracking to try to find posts that I have missed – it could take a while, plus I may have to go to ales next week as my mother I not very well, and she does not have the net…..nice to be back xxx

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