Happy Christmas Everyone !!



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      1. Arizona – United States. The most well-known landmark is probably the Grand Canyon, but there are so many more spectacular places to see here. The Grand Canyon is in the northwest-ish corner of the state, and I live in the southeastern part.

        Our sights can’t hold a candle to most of the places you visit, but likely they would be as interesting to you as the places you visit are to me. They are such different sorts of experiences. I will likely never experience Europe or Asia, but love following you around as you see them! ;->

        But I do love the sight of the mountain range right out my own kitchen window, so that is a plus!

        If you have the time and Internet connection to support it, you can see a lot of Arizona at the Arizona Highways magazine site. The latest hard copy edition came to my postal mailbox yesterday, and I am always stunned by how much I have not seen in my twenty years here.


        Yes, it would be a wonderful place for you to visit. Please do let me know if you ever get the opportunity to do so.

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    1. Yes dear, you can have lots of snow, as next posts will have lots of them. Right now just outside my Window, there is a thick cover of snow in the windowbed. By the way, I also have sunny or foggy Christmas in my native place. Where are you in the globe?

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      1. I’m from Romania 🙂 Usually we have a lot of snow. Or maybe I should say, several years ago we’ve had a lot of snow in december. Now we usually have snow in the second part of January. Which is so sad. No snow on Christmas 😦

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