First snow of last year..


Last winter, I was living in Toulouse. My professor told me, it is uncommon to snow in Toulouse. Though the temperature goes down, but usually the leafless branches  and chilly wind welcome the winter instead of frank snowing. So, when I woke up in the morning in a Saturday and  lift my curtain, I was happily surprised by seeing thin snow flakes coming from above… Soon the trees in the backyard was covered like this …


DSC_3125 DSC03373





Though I am not a christian, I love Christmas.. It is indeed a magical time and you cannot imagine a real christmas without  snow. I think first snow announces that holidays are not so far , it heralds the magical time. I can imagine the christmas tree, Santa clause, gifts and cakes, holidays  and travelling new places while looking into the first snow of a year ..



DSC_3129 DSC03366


My colleagues told me I was lukcy to get snowing in Toulouse, and I totally enjoyed being that lucky 🙂 I went out, felt the snow flakes ( yeah crazy I know!), made my shoe-mark in the snow and clicked these pictures.






I made some soup and hot chicken gravy  to be eaten with tortilla. We enjoyed the soft plopping sound of snowing outside in the windy nights and drank coffee with hot chocolate.




Most of the cars had snow over them. And the front road had to be shovelled. It last only for 3 to 4 days but I quite enjoyed it. It was far better than the usual cloudy sky and chilly wind and off and on rain in the average winter days of Toulouse.

DSC03378 DSC03380




Funny thing is, I found some colors as well which gave a nice contrast! A blue car, red building, green leaves of Magnolia tree and last but not the least when we visited Auchan for our weekly shopping in the supermarket, the red trollies had those ice over them like scoop of vanilla ice cream 😀








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  1. Snow is allot of fun if you do not have to drive in it. At USA when it snows allot I just put on the cross country skis and have allot of fun. Many take the snow for granted and you have taken in the wonders of what snow is all about, thank you for sharing your experience.

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  2. Though in general I do NOT miss the deep chill (and subsequent slosh) of winter – BRRR!! – there’s poetry and grace in some of your white-washed photos. THAT is what I miss… the first sprinkles of fairy-like white powder, the little mounds of fresh snow that collect on cars and items left outdoors. Thanks for the memories 😉

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