Christmas cooking..

May be it is a little late for sharing this post , but better late than never. This christmas we had all home made food and  I tried my first turkey recipe.It went well and so did the "Hoki fisk". I will share the recipes in short. All servings here are for two, so you... Continue Reading →


Just saw Northern Lights…beyond words..

  Ever since I travelled , I always wanted to see northern lights. Even after being in Kiruna for 2 weeks in christmas, no sign of it made me quite sad, but I knew, mother nature will bless me. And after all the anticipation, today it happened. I experienced Northern lights..... I cannot tell you... Continue Reading →

Happy Christmas Everyone !!

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Anne Frank House, Amsterdam

It was a must for me to visit the Anne Frank house, while visiting Amsterdam , like many other travellers. It is a deeply emotional place for me as I read the book in the same age as she wrote the diary. At that time, I was not well aware of the history of WWII... Continue Reading →


Quick tips for Munich…

1.Buy the ISAR card, most of the tourist interests are situated in the inner district, so you can get a ticket for one week for the 1-4 zone , costs 21.1 €, [and  6.4€ one day /per person]  and cover most of the places. It is cheaper than multi-tickets or city cards. It is important to... Continue Reading →


Photo-Tale of Toulouse..

Toulouse is the capital of France’s southern Midi-Pyrénées region and a nice French Metro to live. Being fourth largest Metropolitan of France, it has all the comforts of  a metro, yet far from the hustle and bustle of Paris. River Garonne flows bisecting the city and offers a photogenic face of the city at night with... Continue Reading →


Comic strip Museum, Brussels

When I planned for Brussels, definitely on my list was the comic strip museum:Belgian comic strip centre(BCSC). Who won't be interested to find out the origin of Tintin and captain Haddock and the  village of smurfs ? Of course it was my first stop, in Brussels.   The location can be little tricky , but... Continue Reading →


Salzburg Zoo…

I have to go back to Salzburg, you know ! One day... actually 8 hours is not sufficient 😦 When we finished residenzpalace, gallery, cabinet of curiosity , the church, the castle by the lift to the mountain , it was already around 4.30 and almost all other museum were closing. Even we did not make... Continue Reading →


First snow of last year..

Last winter, I was living in Toulouse. My professor told me, it is uncommon to snow in Toulouse. Though the temperature goes down, but usually the leafless branches  and chilly wind welcome the winter instead of frank snowing. So, when I woke up in the morning in a Saturday and  lift my curtain, I was happily... Continue Reading →


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