Versailles: The Town


As I have already mentioned, we took SNCF train from Gare Saint Lazare to Versailles rive droit as it is one of the easiest way to reach Versailles and you can reach there in half an hour. I was lucky to have a perfect sunny weather this time in France . We saw our” own private view ” of Eiffel tower from the train which was an add on in this trip ūüôā

Eiffel tower from the train to Versailles
Eiffel tower from the train to Versailles
The station
The station

Versailles rive droite station is beautiful with lots of greenery and flower gardens. Outside there are maps of the ch√Ęteau and the whole city. You exit the station and come to the front road and take a left , then you can walk to the palace in 20 minutes. Best direction is from the pedestrians. On the way you can have a glimpse of the town.



IMG_8829 IMG_8830 IMG_8840

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Founded by the will of King Louis XIV, it was the de facto capital of the kingdom of France for over a century, before becoming the cradle of the French Revolution. After having lost its status of royal city, it became the préfecture (regional capital) of Seine-et-Oise département in 1790, then of Yvelines in 1968, and a Roman Catholic diocese.

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If I had more money, I  would have stayed in the town. Versailles, 17 km away from Paris centre is a typical example of a French enchanting small town where you can taste the french culture, far away from the madding crowd of tourists in Paris.


IMG_8843 IMG_9241

DSC06309 DSC06310


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There is a nice open farmers’ market during the daytime, which can be a pretty good reason to stay for those who love farmers market like me. And there are fine confectioners, you can enjoy fresh French pastries at lower rate ūüėÄ


DSC06314 DSC06315

The town has a lot of green, and simply walking around can be pleasant . I had no time to see the museums and the church, so you do see them and post some picture so that I can have a virtual tour ūüôā If I get a chance in future, I would stay in the town simply to savour the french culture and to roam around without hurry , without the hustle and bustle of Paris .


DSC06317 DSC06338

DSC06694 DSC06692



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DSC06325 DSC06327


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    1. It is very quiet and serene out side the chateau i.e. palace . It is worth staying a day . I would suggest go in the afternoon, stay the night and see the city. Get up early and finish seeing the chateau and garden. And go back to Paris.

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  1. Thank You for a lovely virtual tour of not just Versailles,but the train journey, the view of Eiffel tour from the train.and all the other great pics. And especially for a great write-up. Thanks once again.

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  2. Fascinating – I have been to Versailles a couple of times years ago and just went straight to the palace. I would love wandering around this pretty town. I also have a French friend who lives close by in another little town so think a visit might be in order one day! ūüôā

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  3. Beautiful photographs… It is great to know a little bit more about Versailles and its alternative side… meaning what surrounds the chateaux…
    Love and all my best wishes. Aquileana ‚ú®‚ėļÔłŹ

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