Bavaria: Countryside..

A sunny day in Bavarian country side …

Train journey in Europe can be really special for travellers offering them views of many places they would not have gone individually. I have little bit experience of rail  Europe, I have travelled in SBB in Switzerland, SJ in Sweden to Norway, SNCF in France , Trenitalia in Italy and most wonderful being DB Bahn in Germany.




In Germany, I availed both Intercity and regional trains. It is a wonderful way to explore the country, specially Bavaria. As I have previously mentioned about the Bayern tickets, the travel becomes quite pocket friendly if you are not alone. The Bayern ticket allow a whole day tripping till 3 am next day for 28 euros for five persons 😀



This time we took a train from Munich hbf to Füssen, while I enjoyed the Bavarian countryside extensively throughout the path. It was a sunny day at first, the train went through the villages smoothly with clear and bright view of the neighbourhood. We saw the paddy fields, cowsheds, solar energy production, extensive farming and tamed horses. We saw the village church and lonely bench at the end of road. Lots of houses still had the kitchen garden and flowers, though it was end of the Summer and beginning of fall. Somehow, it felt like the country side of my own country, though I expected a lots of difference!

Using solar energy extensively
Tamed horses in the backyard



At one station, the train stopped and this little door caught my eye . Simple, yet wonderfully garnished by the small red flowers. The overhead lamp gave a little perspective. I found it beautiful..I tried to imagine how it will look at night when the lamp glows in darkness.

It appeared as if the little door is welcoming me to come and have a look into the life in countryside 🙂





Village road
Home gardening


At the end of the villages, sometimes close to the stations, new construction was taking place. The claw of civilisation progressing to engulf the peaceful country life.. or may be I am overreacting.. may be they really want the shopping malls and food chains , Mac D and Dunkin’ Donuts, Company Offices  and multiplexes… who knows ?

Construction taking up




But mostly the outside would be covered with crop fields, ripen, waiting to be cut. Wind turbines would be there at the end of the fields.There will be cow farms, just beside the road.. Small tractors,.. someone working in the fields.. so similar.. so earthly

Ripen Crops waiting to be cut


Golden crops


Ohh, it started pouring !!

And then the sky became gray and it started pouring. I saw someone crossing the village road with the umbrella. There would be small water clogging here and there…the perfect gloomy village weather




At places, the mountains are close by. Still there would be clouds atop.. and they looked blue. The decaying sunlight highlighted the roofs. Some places are too cloudy, giving almost an impression of evening at daytime.IMG_3252










There are woods in between. Some houses are too close to the woods. I was wondering if they are afraid some time. We saw the deers running at the end of woods. They did not seem too afraid.. may be nobody hunt them here.


Deers running through the woods
Preparing for winter while still it is fall


Small train station near the village

This is the station where I saw this young man and my mind started make up stories. May be he is coming home from a warfront long after.. he is tired and pained to see his near ones .. may be he has not seen his family for years… and at last he is coming back to home, sweet home!!

Coming home after long…
Home , sweet home !!

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  1. Beautiful photos! Thank you for sharing your adventures with us! Do you think the people who live there think the place is just a beautiful as we do, or, is it just another town to them? I’ve always wondered that….

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  2. These pictures are so incredibly beautiful and they really show exactly how it looks like there. Isn´t it just so pretty?! I LOVE it! Thanks so much… When I see these pictures I´m kind of reminded of the fact that I can´t speak bavarian, even though I´m from there…I don´t know, a weird association..
    But just a pretty countryside. It really shows that there is so much more in Germany than just big cities..or the Oktoberfest… 🙂

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  3. Gorgeous photos which capture the bucolic scenery with bursts of vibrant colors. I, too, am a lover of train travel (well, except for that one overnight train trip horror story experience from Lyon to Venice.)

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  4. Gorgeous post, stunning mountain scenery, I was impressed by the number of solar panels given the obvious amount of rain!
    It all looks so clean and healthy and natural, almost ‘Disney’
    As you can see, I am playing ‘catch up’ again – hope you’re back in good form xx

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Ah thank you, we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in the UK (and definitely not in France) But it is so kind of you to think of me. I have an American friend here in Paris who is planning a big turkey dinner at the weekend though.
        Much love

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