Versailles, The Exterior ..

First look
First look


It is a difficult job to write about Versailles, one thing is it is so big and has a huge collection of artefacts. And secondly so crowded that you will hardly be able to see them properly. I fully agree with my  friend Lindy [lindaravello], that many less known château are there, no less beautiful than versailles and far less crowded. You can see the artefacts properly and ticket is also less expensive. When I am done with 3-4 episodes of versailles , I will take you to one such palace in Germany. Till then accompany me here. First we will see the exterior of the palace with part of the garden.





IMG_8866 IMG_8864

DSC06347 DSC06349

DSC06353 DSC06687 DSC06680

We reached the town of Versailles in a Tuesday morning, by the SNCF train from Saint Lazare. It is one of the easiest route and costs you around  4.8 euro one way. The train takes around 35 minutes. From the station , you take a left , the road goes to Chateau. But the town itself is beautiful, and if I had more money , I would have spent a night there. We will venture through the town in next post.




DSC06351 DSC06350

DSC06358 DSC06597


DSC06591 DSC06604

DSC06603 DSC06605

I am very lucky in a way, I never waited in long queue in Paris when I was there for the first time. When I went to Eiffel tower, only eleven people were ahead of us. It was off season, raining and night @9.30 pm. So, we went smoothly, took the elevator and spent two and a half hours on the top. Next day in Louvre, a very small queue was there, but nothing more. Even in Notre Dame or Sacre coeur, there was very little crowd. But this time when I came to Paris, my luck went off.In Versailles I had a 3 hours long wait in the queue. Effect was extreme sun burn, 9 hairpin-bend lines and a lot of photos of the exterior.


DSC06590 DSC06601DSC06684 DSC06682



DSC06595 DSC06600



DSC06352 DSC06344



DSC06610 DSC06598

DSC06607 DSC06674




We saw the palace for the rest of the day. At the end, we went for the garden and they asked for additional tickets. I decided not to see it. I know,you will say it is unmissable,but I did not want to spend any more 🙂 May be next time, I will see the whole garden. Till then, glimpse of garden is here, which I shoot form the palace.



DSC06500 DSC06673

DSC06668 DSC06381


IMG_9028 IMG_8966



DSC06672 DSC06670



IMG_9073 DSC06677


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26 thoughts on “Versailles, The Exterior ..

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  1. I remember going there with my son when he was little. It was so incredible. After we had gone through the building, we biked throughout the gardens. One of the best times we had in France.

    Thanks for the memories!


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  2. Super photos as usual, and a good honest review.
    I would say a couple of things to people planning to visit.
    Try to go off season and avoid weekends or Wednesdays when children are off school.
    Buy your tickets for the house and garden together and go to the gardens FIRST. This way you can enjoy them in relative tranquillity, then take lunch in one of the little cafe’s dotted around (such as Angelina’s)
    Then head to the chateau around 4pm, this gives you a good hour inside, wit MUCH less crowds, as everyone tends to get here early, and almost everyone goes straight into the chateau
    Also, if you need to buy tickets for the return, buy them when you get off the train, as queues build up at the station around 5pm – alternatively do as ‘THEGREYEYE suggests and take a look around the town and return later.
    I must get around to writing my alternative chateau post………..
    P.S. I cannot wait to see your interior photos

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  3. Great perspective. I’ve always wanted to see it and I recently just came back from Paris. I chose to skip it this time because it was just far too crowded. maybe someday soon.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Really? I need to check. I bought yesterday some oil for hair. It’s from the “Aussie ” brand and it has macadamia oil, avocado oil, and jojoba. Is super great. I might post about it.

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