Arc De Triomphe, Paris

Eiffel from Arc De Triomphe
Eiffel from Arc De Triomphe


We did not plan for Arc de Triomphe, but I guess the travel God did! We came to Porte maillot bus station where our Flix bus from Brussels dropped us. This was my first cross-country bus experience in Europe and it was nice. So we reached around 12 noon in Paris and did not know how to go to south, because both flight and train were hell expensive. So, as usual back to Bla bla car, and got one at 5.30 pm. Had ample time to roam around, and then discovered  Arc is in walking distance. Actually, after visiting Paris 4 times, I do think most of the Paris can be walkable if you are not carrying heavy luggage. We had one large trolly though, but how could I possibly miss the ARC?

DSC08849 DSC08847



DSC08837 DSC08842 DSC08843

DSC08844 DSC08845

First, while K was busy with fixing the journey, I took my backpack and went to see the easy way to get to the Arc. N did not find 😦 Then K took the help of GPS (it works even offline ?!!) and got the direction. We decided to have the lunch first and then go for the day-light-adventure 😛


DSC08858 DSC08857

DSC08940 DSC08939 DSC08937 DSC08935

DSC08941 DSC08852 DSC08856


We had some chinese lunch (K is obsessed with spicy rice !!) and then while arguing about the route, a nice Indian gentleman helped us. Actually if you move little bit from Le Palais des Congrès de Paris, the big shopping mall in Porte maillot (where you can get to pee and browse internet for free :P) via Avenue de la Grande Armée, you can reach the Arc in 15 minutes.

DSC08859 DSC08873

DSC08874 DSC08869 DSC08926

We had a little bit of queue, but ultimately we got the ticket. It is 9.5 € per person. Then the lady in the ticket counter said we cannot go together as we had a big suitcase which cannot be taken above the monument, we must go one by one. ALAS ! I went first as I would take little time. Indeed, I was  up there only for 20 minutes. Going up will take some time though. And, if you want to go smoothly, please do not carry anything except your water bottle and camera. Cardiac patients must be aware, I think it is quite stressful.

DSC08893 DSC08923



Sacré-Cœur from Arc de Triomphe
Sacré-Cœur from Arc de Triomphe




Once you reach up there, you will forget the hectic climb. It really offers a nice view. I think the funny thing in Paris that you can  see almost every landmark from every landmark, if you go atop.  Here I took some pictures of Sacre coeur , Louvre and off course Eiffel tower.



DSC08914 DSC08910

adt DSC08917

Louvre from Arc de Triomphe
Musee du Louvre from Arc de Triomphe:

I usually do not use much HDR and other effects, mostly I like to put crude photos. I like to adjust the color, that’s all. But this one, I think, went nice. You can see the architecture of Louvre Museum at the end of the road. And even I notice just now :O the two towers of Notre Dame !! My god 😀 I did a pretty nice job here. I tried to take this road from my simple digital sony camera as I do not have a DSLR.


DSC08916 DSC08921

DSC08898 DSC08918

DSC08909 DSC08906

If you are visiting Arc, please take some time, at least an hour on the top. I think , it is worth it, because you would not go there everyday and if you have a better camera,do share some photos.


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36 thoughts on “Arc De Triomphe, Paris

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  1. Gorgeous photos – and I agree the one that you have edited gives a lovely retro feel of an old 1950’s postcard. You are also very right about Paris being walkable, if you read my post ‘Paris by night’ I have explained that it was actually ‘designed this way’
    I have been up the Arc twice, and again you are correct to advise on the amount of stairs – the only thing that is worse, I think, are the Catacoumbes’
    Quality post as usual.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Happy days! One of my first experiences of living in Paris was driving round the Arc de Triomphe. I think I circled it 3 times before finding my exit and it was terrifying! I still love Paris though – there is always something new to see and do and it remains beautiful.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. You take us to the places you travel with word and photographs…I enjoy this. My husband is from Italy and has been everywhere, I am finally take a trip this December so all these make me look forward to going out of the country for the first time!! 😉

        Liked by 1 person

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