Viktulienmarkt, Munich

Viktulienmarkt from St peter Kirche
Viktulienmarkt from St peter Kirche


When I first time visited Munich, it was 1st January 2014 . I was on a day trip and everything was closed for holidays. I did roam around the city, but failed to get the true vibe! This time while staying in Munich for two weeks, I made the most of it.


I love to eat  😛 and I love food markets. So, Viktulienmarkt , the famous food market of Munich was almost an everyday-visit for me. Whenever I go to Marienplatz, I do not fail to visit this market again and again 😀



DSC09739 DSC09752

Viktulienmarkt is primarily a food market, along with that there are shops for home decor, gardening and handmade beauty products from Germany, Austria and France. Viktualienmarkt  evolved  due to a decree issued by King Maximilian I on 2. May, 1807 who ordered that those parts of the market between Heiliggeist Church and Frauenstraße should be relocated and told the municipal authorities to demolish the buildings of the charitable Heiliggeist hospice which had been acquired by the city. The place was called  “market place” for some time. It was only later that the word “Viktualien” meaning in Latin ” food”,came into use which stands till today.


DSC09720 DSC09761

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The market have around 140-150 shops, selling fresh leaves, vegetables, fruits, exotic fruits, very nice quality cheese, muffins, apfel-chips, bread, poultry, flowers, mushrooms,fish, beers and fragrances.

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Even if you do not buy anything, just roaming around the market itself is an experience. There are some nice restaurants and confectioners, though it is hard to get a place during lunch time. You can try some cheese muffins and raspberry cakes, if you have sweet tooth like me. I was really tempted to buy some lavender bunches, which is 5-6 euros usually, but thought of saving the money 😉 There are also a number of other fragrances, oils and hand made soaps. The butchers’ shops at the foot of Petersbergl sell meat and the famous Weißwurst, the white Munchen sausage. But I went in a shop, the person was so rude , I did not buy it.DSC09755

DSC09734 DSC09762


DSC09778 DSC09770

You must try the nice cakes and bagels here. I love french breads, but bagels & pretzels are better is Germany. I had an unique one with chilly and cheese 😀







The market also hosts a number of traditional and folkloric events such as weighing celebrities, brewers’ day, gardeners’ day, , summer festival, dance of the market women and so on. But I was not so lucky to see one. Maybe I will wait till next time !

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  1. I find the Viktualien Markt is a bit pricy.. As you said. But you can really find everything and anything you might or might not nees… What I find great is that there are some amazing projects for the homeless and people studying at university which they are part of! Like food donations!
    I enjoyed your post! It really gives a great view of this market! It´s so pretty just walking there!
    Did you go to the Oktoberfest yet? I found that it´s not that spectacular. But everybody goes and it´s practically a must. You can also spend a lot of money there and for those of us saving a bit of money the best solution is just walking and enjoying! 😉
    All the best and have fun in Munich! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah it is!:-)
        Ohh ok! Then I hope you had a great time..or should I say, I´m sure you had a great time! 😉
        Yeah… I don´t drink either, but some of the rollercoasters are fun and if it´s before 5 pm you can really enjoy yourself (if you´re used to masses of people…). I really enjoy the gowns people wear, I find them so beautiful! I also have my own and it´s so fun just wearing it out (if you know what I mean). But all in all you didn´t really miss much!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yes, that’s probably the only part… But, yes,(again) probably worth it! There are also traditional dances and stuff so that’s fun too!
        Although the festival does´t really have so much left in common to the original purpose,(expect the dances and the gowns) which was a wedding of the king and queen!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. And some items are really expensive here in comparison to the supermarkets like LiDL or Rewe, but once you are from France, it will look all cheap to you. But you are absolutely right, I did not spend much here 🙂


  3. I love strolling around on markets…This food market would definitely be my cup of tea….Beautiful view from the St Peter Kirche!


    1. yes, in Paris for every panoramic view you have to spend 8-10 euro. But here for only 2 euro, you can see an amazing panorama of the city. I will come to that when I will write about st peter quirt


      1. Unbelievable 8 to 10 euros for a view in Paris! What a rip off! Can’t wait to read more about Munich. Don’t know the city at all…

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Great photos and the market looks awe inspiring for foodies! I spent 5 years studying German at high school but though I’ve got close I’ve never visited…..YET! Your post is very motivating to plan a trip.

    Liked by 1 person

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