A sunny day in Toulouse and my vegan Stuffed Bell pepper recipe :)


Toulouse is my summer favourite in France, it is a nice town with cozy corners and urban touch.     This time weather is awesome in france., even temperature is reduced after I came. Pleasant breeze, clear blue sky  cool summer drinks and  sluggish comfy days embraced me all over Frnace , north to south.  Spending few days in Toulouse was just perfect, specially with the treat of some homemade nice recipes.


DSC_5344-1 DSC_5366 DSC_5353




DSC_5345DSC_5354I took a bus pass and went to every possible route they have 😛 This is one of my habit. Wondering without destination once I get the bus pass, alone! As my pass is expired, I walked along the canal du midi for long and took some snaps of this bright sunny day 🙂  Many people were jogging or biking or drawing .. enjoying the sun. I saw few boats with some old couples, parking their boat in the canal or sailing slowly through. What an ideal way to relax and look around , and not just survive , to live your life !!




It is a very easy recipe I would like to share. You may find many stuffed bell pepper  recipes online, but this one is unique. It is super easy  because it was done with  the limited veggies I had. It happened like that, I am packing for Munich and spending few days in Toulouse. So, my goal  is to eat all the things I have in my fridge. I have capsicum, carrot, coconut, onions and some chickpea flour.. Normally , I am super super non veg, but the time  not to buy and not waste! So…


Grate the carrot and coconut, chop onion and take some cherry tomato. Heat the pan and put some sunflower oil. Sauté the onion, put some garlic cloves and sprinkle some fennel seeds. Then put the grated carrot and coconut and cherry tomatoes. Cook it without water until they stick to each other. Sprinkle salt and pepper to taste, coriander powder and some red chilli powder. Mix well  and cook some more. Cut bell pepper to halves and scoop out the seeds and all.  For colors you can take red, yellow and green. I had red and green in my Auchan pack 😀 Stuff them with the puree you made. Make a thick paste with chickpea flour, put some salt and chilli powder in it to make spicy. Seal the bell pepper with this paste. Either bake them in microwave or light -fry them with minimum oil ( i don’t have microwave here). Serve hot with some salad to even rice. Let me know how it went 😀


NB: All photos are taken by my Sony Xperia Z1..

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      1. You’ve given me a challenge now! I’d love to remember all their recipes, nothing was ever written down by them (or me); everything seemed to be burnt in their heads. Again, theirs was the very best Gnocchi I’ve tried in my life, regardless of country. I really need to try this from my childhood memories also…could be a disaster. Stuffed eggplant (aubergine) is amazing! 🙂

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