Amsterdam: first look


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  1. Your photos are very beautiful, thank you for posting. I hope you keep your signature stamp at the bottom rather than in the middle like in previous posts. I appreciate you don’t want pirates stealing your images but there’s a balance to be struck. 🙂

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  2. So, dare I write this against the flow? There comes a time when a pedestrian scale city center can be overwhelmed by bicycle traffic. That can be experienced in Amsterdam.

    That means that when walking, a guest must pay more attention to the flow of bicycles than to the great architecture, shops, canals and interesting people. And that, in my opinion is the downside of the Amsterdam city center. But the photo? That is hope, that is promise. That is fun! Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Thank you, I absolutely agree. The dangerous thing is the bikers don’t care if u r new, they can ran you over if u r in the bike track. So does the cars. I loved my Dutch experience overall except for this thing. One night I was coming back home, and the signal was green for the pedestrian , so I was about the cross the road. Then I saw a car coming without reducing the speed towards the signal and I stopped in fear, let it go and then crossed the road. I would say traffic is quite controlled in Paris and Barcelona in this regard.

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