I hate the new ” reader” format..

The website is even more slow and most of the time gallery is not loading.. I have to click two to three pages before I reach the actual content. I am missing posts and photos .I don’t know who is the web developer , but not a good job buddy  😦

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46 thoughts on “I hate the new ” reader” format..

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      1. I guess it’s to make it more compatible with the mobile version.. Which it isn’t. It’s more confusing now. I couldn’t even find the like button at first. 😦

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  1. I couldn’t agree with you more! I’m so irritated by the whole thing and all the changes they keep making. I think the thing that irritates me almost as much as the changes themselves is the TOTAL disregard for the feelings of bloggers. 😦

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    1. Yes, previously also I have noticed that. They actually do not have a support team. When a different site was unethically using my contents, I tried the support, but the forum only have comments from different bloggers. Not that the company is providing any, unlike Google or fb. And now also same thing. the site is super slow now. I am wondering if anyone is happy with the change. Should we write a letter to them?

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      1. We are definitely not alone in our dislike of the changes. EVERY time there is a change that people don’t like there is a thread opened like this one on the support forums: https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/reader-view?replies=40 and the outcome is ALWAYS the same. A few things get changed to calm the masses but the stuff THEY want to keep gets left in place like Beep Bop Boop. As much as I would love to take action – it appears the powers that be at WordPress are no different than any big corporation and would ignore any complaints that go counter to their long term business plan – whatever that is. 🙄


      2. If the “Happiness Engineers” are any indication I don’t think it would do any good. I’m not dismissing the idea I just feel they are not going to listen.


      3. The only reason I stay with WordPress is because I have met so many interesting and wonderful people via their blogs and continue to do so daily. Some have even become friends. So WordPress may disrupt our blogging with their changes but they can’t take away the connection most of us make with others via blogging. At some point someone will create another blogging platform that everyone will migrate to and WordPress will be added to the ‘has been’ pile right along with MySpace. 😉

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  2. No argument here! It totally sucks! What were the “geeky” people thinking? Can’t they remember that old cliche’, “If it’s fixed, do break it!”

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  3. Thanks for posting this. I thought it was just me who thought this sucked. I agree with you totally. I like to see quickly who is posting so if I have limited time I know who I want to read. You are right about having to click through to pages. Totally frustrating. And I like to comment, but now it’s hard to do that. Why did they change this? Haven’t they heard of beta testing?

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  4. Last night I thought it was just a “Theme” on someone’s blog that only allowed the little itty bitty line to see when writing a comment. Then I did another and another… Was really a struggle! Thanks guys!! I thought I was seeing crazy!! No, I do not like this format either:(d

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  5. Sending a letter? Nope. Using the forum? Good to make ourselves heard, by the likes of us. But there are a bunch of kissing butt characters around (some are forever WP staff wannabes), ready to attack (and WP themselves won’t listen anyway). So I guess using a post like this is good (at least we’re having good time now, aren’t we?) 🙂

    Still I find some workarounds do help (not quite, but help still). Like when starting, instead of typing:
    on the address bar I type:
    Save some clicks, and back to the old stat page. Happy blogging! 🍸


      1. Yes, unfortunately all my comments were going to spam and I didn’t realise until I started to wonder why people were not acknowledging them 😦 I think I commented on some of your posts but unfortunately I can’t remember what I said now! It seems like most of the comments were deleted entirely as I commented on friends posts and they couldn’t find any sign of them. A bit frustrating but I hope the problem is fixed now 🙂

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  6. Every “improvement” WordPress has made in the past year has been horrible for me. If they ever make me use their “easier blogging experience” for writing blogs, I don’t know what I’ll do. Thankfully I can still use the old one, but I’m not a fan of the new reader at all.

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  7. Ikr! I can’t even follow someone someone from my mobile WP app.
    This sucks!!
    And I contacted the help and support team they said it will take time.. till then I should follow people by typing their site name in the sea der section!
    And you knw what it will take time till the end of this month or starting if the new month!

    And the font has also changed a little..

    Mutual feelings my friend! 🙂

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