My Würzburg days ..



Würzburg is one little town in Bavaria, I adore. As I have told you already, it may not come  even in the first fifty hot destinations in Europe, but it will always be close to my heart 🙂

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Würzburg fits perfectly to my imagination of small European town. It happened to be the first town I lived in Europe and it has given me the fullest .. the post christmas aura , the vineyards , the museum, the bridge and the castle over the hill, the pub over the bridge is like a fairytale. Of all places, the bridge : Alte mainbruke over river Maine is my favourite, and I think it is true for all the people of the town. In the evening you will see people  gathering in the bridge  drinking beers or chatting keeping their wine glasses on the wall of the bridge. Old couples walking over. The bar in the right side while you go to the hill, is always full in the evening. From the bridge you can also see the step cultivations, vineyards and boats in the river.


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The garden next to residence must be amazing in Summer , but it was also beautiful in winter. I liked the bird nests and the quiet lake with green ducklings.From the garden , we used to walk to the old church and the graveyard. The place is kinda depressing , so I tried not to go later.


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The main departmental store they have is Kupsch. I loved it. The town is small but still have many brands. I particularly loved the lit- Christmas streets , they are simply magical.

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The whole town goes in holidays in Christmas. The fact I reached the town on the Christmas day and went for some essential shopping next day, reminded me of the town of sleeping beauty . All the lights were on, stars and ribbons were hanging from the glass windows and closed doors, all the beautiful christmas presents and dresses and shoes and jewellery were on display …but not a single person anywhere if all people were kept asleep by the evil wizard. From few days after, again folks appeared  on the street, busy in shopping for new years eve 🙂


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Tram and bus are the main public transport here. Students have city pass and they can travel across the city for free. But for others it is 1.6 euro one way. This toy train is for the tourists taking them through the city and the bridge to the castle above the hill. Though I loved walked over the whole city, which is absolutely possible.


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Würzburg has been my Dandelion wine, though in winter. I saw people appreciating small joys of life here. Often in the rat race we forgot what is important in life. Cliché,  right? But it is true. I have worked so hard to get my grades in school, then in college and then got some more degree. But when I was working 12 hours a day and travelling 3 hours, I was earning money, but I was losing life. I was hanging around with wrong people, those who I thought my friends, were stabbing me in back , my boss was stealing my intellectual property and  sending my diagnosed case to USCAP conference getting the sponsorship,  claiming she did it. Yes I was earning money,  but I was losing myself.

And then I travelled , and lived with people outside and I knew what I wanted in life. I never wanted a big house or ten cars or not even many dresses or bags or shoes ! I never wanted them. But I really want sipping my coffee in a summer day in my front garden and write a novel. I want to cook for my family, travel a lot and paint all day. I want to travel all the countries in the world. And then I want to earn some money to support these wishes  🙂 So, I got back  my wishes  while in this small lovely town in Bavaria.



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I stayed in the university hostel where the room had a small kitchenette, an wash room like that of a train compartment and a cozy little bed. The room heating system is inadequate in winter  when heavy snow fall occurs. The room is equipped with  a small reading table and bedside desk. Anyway, it was my first stay out of my home country, and everything was seemingly perfect for me. We enjoyed the snowing though the glass window and made some mouth watering dishes. Sometimes we ate out, I had my first thai food experience in Würzburg  🙂 One thing  awfully expensive was haircutting. So, my boyfriend tried some electronic hair clipper and the result was funny… he cut the hair too short like the old military guys and I kept laughing 😛

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The castle Mairenberg is indeed another favourite spot of us. We climbed the hill and got an amazing  panoramic view of the town. If you are visiting wurzburg, you may not miss it. The castle is just like where the witch captured the princess and dose not allow her to see the light show in the bridge , which takes place in every new years eve 🙂


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    1. After I was back from there, I always told my boyfriend when we grow old, we will buy a firmhouse and live there! I know it is not going to happen , but still you always have some dream 😀

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  1. the old couples who walk across the bridge – some probably have been doing that since they were young and just starting out together. so many steps in history. lovely story – thank you for sharing and the awesome photos.

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  2. I feel just like you: I want to travel the world and enjoy the things I love to do (you love writing, painting, cooking, I love making jewelry, reading and spending time with friends). I loved your article!

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