Infinity Dreams Award….

infinity dream award
I am happy to get this one, actually I was waiting for one, because recently  I have  found some new awesome blogs which are not getting much crowd. So , I was planning to dedicate my next award for them, and big hugs to Gail, for giving me that opportunity. And it is a real nice award as I do have infinite dreams like everyone of you.

I have to speak of my seven dreams … uhhhhh it is so difficult when I have so many of them . But still…

* I dream of travelling  the whole world  –I know, I KNOW, those who are reading my blog, already know that. As I have already told, travelling is the best way to know people .. But here I will reveal my new  motto : Travelling is my never ending story  – thegreyeye 

* I want to live in a small  house , with a small porch and a garden in front ,covered with ivy in a small town with less than 20000 population –weird , I know 🙂

I dream of  cooking new new recipes each day from every countries in the world in my own gourmet kitchen

I dream of working for the homeless people all over the world, and I know I will fulfil this one

* I dream of opening my own bakery and Cupcakery- Okay, okay , I know ,,, but I am dreaming , aint I?

* I dream of photographing all the mountain ranges of the worldTheir flora, and fauna, forests and rivers, hiking trails  and snowy peaks , I want to capture them all. 

* My most precious dream is to live happily ever after with my boyfriend in good health, who has changed my life in so many meaningful ways and made me feel true love does exist outside the fairytales.

Now the most important job, I want to nominate all of my co-bloggers in one award or another.  I wait for the awards for that. Now I am going to nominate some awesome people I found through my blogging … and rest of you … you are not less awesome and I am going to nominate you in the next award 🙂

They are

So guys, keep dreaming, because it is the dream which keeps us alive,  it is the dream for which we do not just survive, we live 😀

Hugs …

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