Abisko turistaion
Abisko turistaion

We took a morning train from Kiruna and reached Abisko around 12 noon. There are two stations, first one is for the Abisko village and the second is Abiskoturistaion, as above where the trails of Kungsleden start. It corresponds to the national park as well.


This train connects Kiruna and Narvik, and passes through Abisko.


But in Summer, only the outsiders travel by trains , the Swedish people travel with their caravans. Their car pooling the caravan and two bikes on the top , and the whole family or a couple going for a vacation is a common site in Swedish lapland in summer.



However, many travellers and specially trekker and hikers from around the world do come in Abisko. Usually, most of them spend one or two nights in Abisko , the turistaion has comfortable rooms and dorms. Yes, it is expensive ! so if you are a not-so-rich traveller like me, stay in Kiruna and go early in the morning in Abisko. You can see most of the park in a day. But if you want to hike through  the whole Kungsleden and Nikkaluokta , you have to stay in camps.

Comfy living rooms in Abisko turistaion
Comfy living rooms in Abisko turistaion




The bedrock of the canyon formed 450 million years back, when European tectonic plate collided with North American and the ocean in between disappeared. The limestone, black slate and orange Lichen give the rocks an amazing color combination.


The abiskojåkka river, a glacial river by origin 8000 to 9000 year back, gushes through the canyon or gorsa. In the steep sides of Gorsa, thrive wide range of flora and fauna. Rough legged Buzzard, raven and felcons nest in the cliff.





The water is so clear I have never seen in my life. Here you can see the rocks underneath without any difficulty. And it is so blue ..



The park has two to three small museums with lots of information >



Wolverian skull
Wolverian skull

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Trains transporting the iron ore to Narvik from Kiruna
Trains transporting the iron ore to Narvik



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