Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau, Barcelona..


After visiting Sagrada Familia, we went to the “i” centre in the corner of  back side street to know the way to Park Guell, and a nice lady behind the counter told us why don’t you visit Sant Pau before that and you will get a direct bus from there to Park Guell. She explained it is a nice architecture from early twentieth century and we thought why not?  Specially I have always an interest for the hospitals 😉

IMG_3016 DSC04354

DSC04358  DSC04359

And once we started  walking according to her direction, we knew we did right. The street connecting Sagrada and the hospital is structurally similar to La ramble, but it is a quite one, specially in the morning. You can see, there are wooden benches along side the road, and many open air restaurants. Th street has nice view along with some nice shops, specially Ladies, do not forget to buy some cosmetics , which are sold for a reasonable price. I bought some coco bath salt , a really refreshing one 😀




DSC04373 DSC04374

Once we reached the former hospital, we saw the amazing built. We did not go for the exhibit inside though due to shortage of time.It was designed by the Catalan modernist architect Lluís Domènech i Montaner and  a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

IMG_3042 IMG_3032 DSC04378

DSC04366 DSC04364




We clicked few pictures and had to run for the bus as we were leaving on the same day. But I would like to suggest you to visit this one. Not only the architecture is brilliant, which you can see here already, but the streets around the hospital are equally amazing. It is far away from the hustle bustle of La Rambla or the city centre, and you can experience the serene. And you can roam like a local here, plenty of eat outs, shops and souvenir  stalls are around, a lot cheaper than La Rambla.


DSC04382 IMG_3039

IMG_3024 IMG_3026

It was a fully functioning hospital until June 2009, it is currently undergoing restoration for use as a museum and cultural centre, but still I saw an yellow ambulance (above) in front of the hospital. I thought may bre some clinic are still running, but not sure.

DSC04390 IMG_3031 IMG_3034



Here, You will realise the city is not in a plain, and the little ups and downs in the streets give a nice view of the lower part of the city. You can simply take any one of the streets to walk till the end and have a nice view 🙂 Or enjoy your meal in one of the open restaurant.. 



The view of Sagrada from this hospital is nice  as you can see below, which is an add-on. Once you are done roaming around, take bus 90 to Park Guell from here.



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  1. Very interesting, I have been to Barcelona but did not see this lovely hospital. If you are interested in hospitals, I work in some of the oldest and most interesting in Paris – truly beautiful buildings.

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  2. I can’t believe this (was) actually a hospital! It looks like a kings castle to me. The details of the architecture is amazing. Had I known about it we would definitely have stopped by when we visited La Sagrada. Always is a good idea to listen to the locals.

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