Few of my favourites from Louvre painting gallery : Louvre 2


The master piece of Leonardo Da Vinci, Mona Lisa is undoubtedly the most visited artefact in Louvre museum. The cryptic expression of Mona Lisa remained subject of interest for years. Leonardo started this oil painting in 1503 but continue refining  it till 1516.

Also known as La Gioconda,  wife of Francesco del Giocondo, Mona lisa earned her worldwide fame in the 20th century not only due to her outstanding painting quality and cryptic look, but more so because of the number of events related to her. Theft , stoning and travel from west to east , made her more and more well known each day.  Time has been harsh to her, colors darkened, the sleeves were once saffron yellow. With years of curatorial maintenance, finally she is kept behind a bullet proof glass and illuminated by a specially designed LED light for her. The most significant aspect of this painting perhaps was ” Renaissance interest in Platonic theory, when the beauty of the body was seen as that of the soul”.

Masterpiece – as they rightfully call the visitor trail to Medieval paintings, is really a must while visiting Louvre. From the pyramid , you have to go down and buy tickets below. Then head towards sully wing , you will see directions in short intervals showing your way to Mona Lisa. Once you follow the directions you will reach room number 74, visit all the room around to see the medieval european  masterpieces. 

Grande Odalisque
Grande Odalisque

Ingres was known  for painting exotic scenes and female nudes and the sensual image of a naked woman in a harem, Grand Odalisque is perhaps the most famous paining by him.  Ingres, experimented  giving priority to draftsmanship, pure lines, and sensual curves, distorting anatomy. Here, her right breast and left leg are joined to the rest of the body in a curious fashion, was severely berated by the contemporary critics . But, Ingres was able to influence modern artists like Picasso, who used similar recomposing of bodies to suit artists’ purposes.

The Intervention of the Sabine Women
The Intervention of the Sabine Women
The Raft of the Medusa
The Raft of the Medusa,( Denon wing, room 77)

Raft of Medusa by Géricault is an icon of Romanticism, and caused a huge scandal at the Salon of 1819 as it depicted a contemporary event -the wreck of a French frigate off the coast of Senegal in 1816, with over 150 soldiers on board. “Géricault decided to represent the vain hope of the shipwrecked sailors: the rescue boat is visible on the horizon—but sails away without seeing them.”

The wedding feast at Cana
The wedding feast at Cana

Opposite to Mona Lisa, the wedding feast of cana , an oil painting in a huge canvas by Veronese is kept, who chose to depict Christ’s first miracle, performed during the Marriage at Cana. He transposed the biblical episode to his own era, rich 16th-century Venice. Known as a colourist, he depicted  the splendor of the fabrics, the sumptuous jewelry, silver and silver-gilt tableware, and the elegant Palladian architecture, which set a magnificent stage for this story.

 DSC05771DSC_4661 DSC_4658

DSC_4660 DSC05788 DSC05805



Leda and the swan?
Leda and the swan?


DSC05834 DSC05837

DSC05848  DSC05845 DSC05846 DSC05847

DSC05855 DSC05856




DSC05849 DSC05843

DSC05860 DSC05858

DSC05861 DSC05831


DSC05833 DSC05787

DSC05808 DSC05827

DSC05811 DSC05810

DSC05800 DSC05803

DSC05798 DSC05794



Louvre is indeed , one reason for which I would like to visit Paris again. One whole day was all I could spend here and people who are into museums know how insufficient that could  be. And I want to commit at least 3 days to Louvre this time.

DSC05879 DSC05838

DSC05829 DSC05878

DSC05793 DSC05790

DSC05822 DSC_4659

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18 thoughts on “Few of my favourites from Louvre painting gallery : Louvre 2

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    1. Thank you for your nice words , I had little time as you at least need 1 week to see Louvre, rather to admire it by going through every details provide with the artefacts. But I tried to use my time to see the few, I can not die without seeing 🙂 May be I ll see the rest next time.


  1. I will definitely reveal myself as not being very ‘cultural’ or art interested here. I prefer going to the mountains instead of the museum. But I have off course been to some of the big ones. What amazes me most is the size of some of these pictures! Some of the ones we saw in the Metropolitan in NYC had to be 4 meters high! Just think about who owned these pictures and how they must have lived to have space for these enormous pictures!

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