Plaça de Catalunya, Barcelona.


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Placa de catalunya is a large square in Barcelona where several important streets meet, including La Rambla. It is practically the city centrum with all large shopping malls and stores, but it is also the place where the new city meets with the old one. We did not know about it , but we continued  walking through la rambla and reached to the square. It is close to most attractions of the city and Catalunya metro is adjacent to the park.




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Placa de Catalunya is famous for its fountains and statues including sculptures of Noucentisme, Neo-Classicism and different avant-garde movements.


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Few theatres surrounded the square in the past, but now none of them exists. Spanish civil war destroyed the cafes and places where previous intellectuals used to gather.  Now the square is surrounded by hotels and shopping complexes. Several banks and financial institutions are also present here including Banco Español de Crédito .



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Francesc Macià monument is located in this square remembering Francesc Macià i Llussà  the 122nd President of Catalonia and formerly a Catalan officer in the Spanish Army.IMG_2902 IMG_3212

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  1. Placa de Catalunya was my first meeting with Barcelona. This is where we got off the bus first time I visited Barcelona. Brings back great memories.

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