Love lock bridge, Paris..


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Since around 2008, a new fad started when lovers from all over the world began locking padlocks onto the chain link fence of the pedestrian bridge “Pont des Arts” connecting  the Institute de France and the central square of the Palais du Louvre.  The love padlocks, called cadenas d’amour, multiplied until there were thousands of love tokens on the bridge, each engraved with a message of love. After locking the love padlock onto the fence, lovers toss the keys into the Seine river intending their relationship to be eternal . Now after years tradition, it is hard to find a place for new couples to bind a new lock. Many are attaching the padlock in a preexisting lock.

Recently I have heard there is a campaign against love locks and Paris mayor office is appealing the people not to padlock , but frankly speaking I saw no sign of people obeying that 😛




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  1. I saw this at South Korea. But it is not limited to couples in love inly. There are best friends and married couples with kids locked their ‘wish’ and ‘hopes’. It’s kinda nice, really.

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