Really? How dare you News

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They are copying my material and posting it regularly without my permission :O , and I know they are going to post this one also !!  Can you believe it? see the link by yourself.. :

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  1. Ok so I’ve tried to find my own blog but alas, I have not found it. May I suggest you try to use a mallware remover, if you haven’t already tried that, and then try that link again? Or a cirus scan, emptying your caches etc, anything that can clean your computer, really.. I’ll keep looking into it. I could also post that link I found on the forum if you want?

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      1. I found it, but it is closed unresolved. I think that is why your comment is going to spam, the topic is closed. But I would like you to see the dmca notice page, most probably it is for a blogger , but sesame is no blogger

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      2. I’m not using anything I think.. Maybe it’s country related? Hmm, I think I’ll ask my fiancé about this. He’s familiar with this sort on stuff.


      3. I can do that too, same here 🙂 it is not country related though, I got this from the first forum like you have sent me. I am thinking of using copyscape but don’t know how to put it in my site

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  2. Folllow the instructions at the forum :

    I had start the topic, follow the instrutions and it was really helpfull to my blog.

    I try open again the question, but i think it´s not possible…I´m thinking about we open a new topic at the forum, about these problems, not only about sysmaia…so we can learn and share together this kind of thing..

    (sorry about my English language, still learning)

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    1. I am in the mean time using copyscape to prevent copying. lets see how does it work . Thank you anyway, we can discuss it here what more we can do for this kind of threats


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