I need your help…

Hello Bloggers,

I am blogging in WordPress since September 2014 .

An unknown website  –   sysmaya.net is using my posts in wordpress , without my permission which is an unauthorised use. here is the link : http://news.sysmaya.net/autor/thegreyeye.wordpress.com/

The blog I need help with is thegreyeye.wordpress.com.

Please help me to stop this. I have seen similar complaints from other bloggers also, when I searched for “support” in WordPress. But most of the topic were closed unresolved. If you do not take this seriously, may be tomorrow that website can do the same thing with your post, which many of you may not like I believe. Here I am giving you another example I got from the net.  I also request you to Reblog this, so that more and more people can know this is going on.


I don’t know this site, they didn’t ask to use what I wrote. I can’t even ask them to remove my stuff >.<

The blog I need help with is otakuinvader.wordpress.com.”

18 thoughts on “I need your help…

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      1. It’s not being sold, it just used the “collection” for hits to make money.. I might just check it out more when I get home. I’ll see if I can find that post on the support forum again for you.

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      1. I have seen it, it is for a blogger in wordpress, but here the sysmaya.net is not a blogger site in wordpress, but a third party. And wordpress is not taking any active measures as it seems from the forum, where many have complaint as same of mine, but everytime it is getting unresolved.


      1. Luckily, you did! Have you got a disclaimer on your blog? Looked but didn’t see it at first sight…Check out my page Bieke & César for an example and put it on yours as well. So peolpe with no good intentions know they don’t have to ‘mess around’ with your content, shots, etc. Just an idea. Love.

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