Canal Du Midi , Mid Pyrenees



When I applied for French Visa , I thought they may ask me why on earth I want to go to Toulouse , in stead of Paris . And  from my previous Visa interviews I knew they usually ask  these kind of questions. So I studied a little bit about Toulouse and decided I would tell them I am going there to visit Canal du midi and Basilica od St Sarnin- two UNESCO world heritage sites. Fortunately , this time they did not ask me anything 😛  . Still I decided to visit these two sites.

IMG_1074DSC04865But as time passed I went busy with my work and travelling places and countries around Toulouse forgetting about the canal. As my friend told me it is flowing just beside the apartment I was staying, I thought I would see some day later. Suddenly one day I realised I am going back in next week and still I have not seen it. It is that weekend , I grabbed my camera and walked to the canal. Here is the results you can see… 🙂


DSC04868A perfect blur …

IMG_1072 DSC04867

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