Eiffel Tower , Paris.


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Eiffel tower is definitely “the logo” of Paris and one reason for me to go there. I ain’t gonna tell you the history and all about it , I am just going to share my experience and some amazing photos [I think they are kinda amazing 🙂 ]

My first glimpse of Eiffel tower is from my flight from Paris to Toulouse. But that I will share another day as it was merely some dots of lights.

So my proper introduction to “Tour Eiffel” was from Sacre coeur which I have preserved as my own private view of ET in Paris , though I am gonna share “em with my readers.



ET from Sacre Coeur

<Another one …from Montmartre with famous Parisian chimneys.



Our official visit to Eiffel Tower started at 9 o’clock at night and we reached there at 9.35 pm. Here is one snap in black and white but still the illumination can be seen , so is the flash light from the top. And the coloured one above..We went to ET by Metro 6 and the station is Bir Hakim from where it is 5 minutes walk. Here comes some more light !


DSC05342 DSC05319


DSC06043<ET from Louvre

Once we reached the counter, it started pouring. And there was no queue, Only 4 couples! The ticket is 9 euro, but  if you are taking lift to the top, it is 15.5 euro. We went to the 2nd floor first and then to the top. And here is “Paris at night” from ET. We stayed there  almost till midnight. It was extremely cold over the top, but it is an amazing experience. More people were there in the top from all over the world , busy  capturing the signature monument of France.

River Seine
River Seine

DSC05297 DSC_4441





Sacre coeur from ET
Sacre coeur from ET

We needed more … oh yeah! So next day before going to Notre dame, we went to ET again. Here it comes in day light. 🙂

DSC05359 DSC05363


DSC05417 DSC05398

DSC05400 DSC05419


Hope you enjoyed 🙂

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18 thoughts on “Eiffel Tower , Paris.

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    1. Thank you , are you Parisian? Otherwise I need to alert you, it is not very safe around the area. I felt that. I mean as long as you are in the tower, there are police and everything. But the road to the metro or REAR is usually empty, dark and scary at night. Be in a group.


  1. I specially like your nighttime views of the ET & from it, of the city below.
    We visited in the morning (theoretically, to beat the crowds). Did go back to see it all lit up at night, it is so beautiful like that.
    And yes, there are signs everywhere to beware of pickpockets – I’ve heard they can be quite aggressive.

    Liked by 1 person

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