Postcards from SBB , Switzerland



SBB rail-road in Switzerland is an amazing experience  and I would give it a third position after SJ( Sweden to Norway) and DB Bahn ( Bavaria, romantic road). I went there during  Christmas, but I got both snow and green, an awesome combo, instead of only ice white all over the country side of Switzerland. From Zurich Hauptbahnhof,  you have trains (SBB) for all the major travellers’ destination including Luceren, Interleken, Bren , Baden and Geneva. If you are planning for a swiss vacation  don’t miss a train trip.

IMG_1695  DSC02541



IMG_1801  IMG_1810




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    1. Here is something I can suggest you. Stay in Zurich and take SBB to go for day trips to lucerne,interleken and uetliberg. Uetliberg trip is included in Zurich card if you are buying one. If you want to visit bern, I think u have to stay there, I have not been to Bern. You can try carpool which is less expensive, but train is a good option for amazing views on both sides of the tracks

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      1. Bern is only 1 hour ride from Zürich and can be easily visited on a day-trip from Zürich. Interlaken is much more distant (app. 3 hours train ride: 1 h from Zürich to Luzern + 2 h from Luzern to Interlaken), so I believe it would make more sense to stay in Interlaken area for few days than in Bern. To me, Interlaken is rather boring town, but there are many great things to see and do in the nearby area.

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  1. Travelling by rail through Switzerland is amazing! I love these photos. I once lived in a small town in Canton Valais (in la Suisse) and always loved to travel around via rail.

    Some years ago we traveled from Italy to France on high speed rail and my favorite part of that trip was crossing into Switzerland from Italy.. the views were amazing.

    I would love to go back to Switzerland and explore!

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      1. Thanks for asking. I actually have two blogs on WordPress “Living and Dreaming in the South Bay” and “Jardin Luxembourg” which is my first blog which documents many of my travels before I was married and had kids.

        Below are my posts on Switzerland:

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  2. We drove through Switzerland recently, and found it beautiful – especially if you get lost in the Alps! The tunnels were amazing, the train tunnel (where your car goes on a train!) was very unexpected.
    Americans build their roads up, down and around. The Swiss seem to go directly through the mountain. We rather like that idea!

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  3. I went to Interleken with my parents back when I was 16 years old. Now I am 33 with two kids of my own and I think a trip back with them should be in order. The train ride would be a great experience for them. Did you notice quite a few families with young kids on the train while you traveled?

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