Chinese flavour of a French town


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Mi am is a small chinese food chain in French riviera. I know, you are probably thinking I am crazy! Being in France and not posting about French food, like am I out of my mind? But I went to this small restaurant for few reasons.

First of all, my first experience in a French restaurant was not good. The waiter behaved as if we should not have been there , made a face and did not give the bill in a proper way. I was like ” dude , you are not giving a free treat , are you!”

Moreover, I like Chinese food , which is a mixture of hot and spicy sauce ,as well as boiled and blunt noodles  at the same time. Thirdly, I came out of the NICE station(Gare De Nice, SNCF), hungry, and it was just few steps away.



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They have “take away” , also you can sit there and eat. We took mixed rice with Poulet (Chicken) spicy curry and lemon chicken. The food tasted good and was served hot. If you love spicy ones, add some special hot chilli sauce. You have a choice of fresh fruits as deserts. And for two people it cost around 12 Euro without desert  which I think is kind of not-expensive. I would definitely recommend you this place, and I think you will love it.




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