LKAB mine, Kiruna….missar inte

DSC_0913You must not miss LKAB mine if you are visiting Kiruna, for it is an unique experience. Though for me, the whole lapland was an adventure 🙂 , but I especially  liked this 400 meter underground journey  to the world’s largest iron ore mine. I wanted go under a mine since I read Joule Verne”s stories , so here is one dream come true

. DSC_1229 DSC_0904

DSC_0922  DSC_1228

Kiruna being one of the smallest towns I have lived, has remarkably developed tourism. They are warm, and eager to help (unlike Parisians who only said to us ” i don’t know english”). Even the small hostels there, are way professional. Kiruna tourist centre arranges every tour from city centre, and they have direct bus service to the mine in different hours of a day, it costs 345 SEK for an adult, and 245 SEK for a student. One child per one adult may go for free visit. You have to wear those helmets as long as you are underground, even if you go to the toilet 😛

DSC_0921I started from the tourist office , from there a bus directly took us about 15 people to the mine. As you can see in the map above, they will first take you to the auditorium to show a short film about LKAB, the past and present. Then our guide took us to the mine tour.

DSC_0924Our guide explaining us the depth of the mine and about iron pellets.

DSC_0943  DSC_0982

DSC_0998 She showed dus how they process the iron pellets and how they are carried to Narvik for transport. LKAB Kiruna regular yield the amount of  iron from which  4 Eiffel tower can be built :O . And she showed us all the giant machines and vehicles needed for mine work.

DSC_1049 The next stop was the canteen of the miners where you can help yourself with tea , coffee and cookies, all complementary:)

DSC_1099  DSC_1119   DSC_1042

DSC_1143#1 DSC_1224

DSC_1126 DSC_1146 DSC_1172 DSC_1153  DSC_1112

Lastly we saw the museum which holds the history of the mine, including the ancient communication system, old telephone sets, rescue sledge,safety lamps,  fire extinguishers , drills and spades used by the old miners , dating back a time when no modern machine was available. I am sharing with you some  glimpse of the museum.  And you have full internet access for guests in the mine ,  can you believe that?  🙂  Only , I wanted to go deeper to the places , where the miners actually work, but it must be against their safety rules.

1187084_10151907947111787_94073548_nKiruna LKAB mine in winter.

I was lucky enough to stay in one of the previous LKAB employees’  apartments which are now rented by the University students. So here I am sharing you a great view of the mine from my window.

DSC_0355 1011339_10151907945666787_1077766429_n

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  1. Beautiful! It looks like a very interesting place, both during summer and winter. Was it colder inside? I’ve been to a salt mine a few years ago and I remember the difference in temperature was huge!


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