Basilica of St. Sernin, Toulouse


Basilica of Saint Sarnin is regraded as one of the most beautiful structures in the city of Toulouse. So one fine afternoon, I took a leave from work to visit it. I decided to go there alone to enjoy some quality time with myself. 🙂



As I was going alone , I saw it in the google map and decided how to go. This time while travelling, I have discovered this unique way to guid me in a place. You should take the metro line B to the station Jeanne d’Arc and the basilica is 3 minutes walk from there.

DSC04603  DSC04622DSC04606

The basilica was a part of the former abbey church of the Abbey of St. Sernin or St. Saturnin, but now only the church remains. It is a beautiful remnant of  Romanesque sculpture. And it has been added to the UNESCO world heritage site.





The interior consists of  a central nave, the four aisles have rib vaults and are supported by buttresses. The crypt contains the relics of many other saints including  Saint Saturnin and Saint Honoratus are buried here. It is calm and quite inside, But once step outside the gate many beggars will be seen,who were pushing over us  for money.

As I travel through countries I can realise  some people of western world are deliberately  doing anti -third -world countries propaganda, while the same problem still quite prevalent in their home countries as well. If I was indecent enough to click those beggars’ photo without asking their permission, as I have seen some overseas people doing  in our country and proudly posting in their blog, I could have posted those photos here. But I think, the beggars and the homeless , from whichever country they are, should be respected as human beings and their photos should not be used to do propaganda against poorer countries.




If you are travelling to Toulouse, don’t miss this wonderful piece of relic.


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