Paris, Paree, Parigi

I found Paris exactly like this… not so big, not so rich, not so glittering.. For me it was an end of the myth: Paris. Before my posts are coming on that fading myth, check this out 🙂

PSPB (Formerly known as - Universe Booking)

The first, admittedly questionable, truism is that it isn’t 100 % clear how Paris got its status of celebrity. It doesn’t deserve notoriety either. It’s like one of those weird-looking top models with an awkward nose, sallow face and grey eyes that get more work than their better looking peers. Paris has had one of the most astonishing makeovers in the history of the world. Gone from slum, breeding famine and plague, to the world’s capital of style and desire in mere centuries. It was almost completely rebuilt after WWII and the duckling became swan, and while the poverty has long gone, some of the decay is still there. It is perhaps not by accident that Paris is the home of fashion, but it is also the most revered, coveted and visited city in the world, and I’m not sure why. Let’s start by stating what Paris actually is. Paris…

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