Paris customs…. Sucks

They are rude,unprofessional and racist. They don’t know English and doing job in international dealing.first of all the guy in the counter looked at me as if I have done the greatest mistake of my life ie coming to France. The guy can’t pronounce an English word properly,nor did he understand. Then I showed all the documents and credit cards. Still he counted every single note of money and let all other passengers go except me. Then he said in your booking, no dates are written, whereas they have clearly mentioned the dates. Then he wrote some numbers or god knows what. Now I really have to think should I stay in that hotel or not. Because even after producing all the documents, he clearly tried to isolate me and heckled me. Then when I started talking back, like days and nights are written, then he came to his senses and gave back my passport. Still he wrote something in some paper by pen (?).
Then as I come out, one female airport personel told me they are very bad and she also has had problems with them even she being a french.
Anyway, let’s see, I ll keep you people updated.

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8 thoughts on “Paris customs…. Sucks

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  1. Sorry to hear they treated you bad. Some people are probably still nervous after the terrorist attacks there. Of course, with all your ID, they shouldn’t have had an issue with you.

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