Natural face packs you can prepare at home :

1. Tomato honey  pack:

honeyjar tomatoes

Wash thoroughly one fresh tomato and cut into small pieces and make a paste . Pour one large spoon of honey and mix it well. Now add some gram flour to make suitable consistency to hold the pack. Mix well and paint over the whole face , keep it until dried. Wash with cool water and apply some moisturiser . Helps to detoxify your skin as tomato is a rich source of antioxidant and help removing the patches of sunburn.

2. Turmeric and milk cream pack:


Take two tea spoon full  pure turmeric powder or make turmeric paste from the rhizome . Take fresh milk cream to mix with the turmeric paste and add two drops of lemon juice. Apply the paste over face and when dried rinse off with cool water. Apply some moisturiser. It helps to clean your face, removes the blemishes and makes the skin tone lighter when used prolonged.

3. Sandalwood powder and rose water pack:


Mix two teaspoonful of sandalwood powder with rose water and apply over face. Keep it for fifteen minutes and wash with cool water. Apply a suitable toner and then apply moisturiser .


4. Banana and honey pack.

Take over ripe banana and squeeze it to make a fine paste. Add two tea spoon of honey and little fresh milk cream. Mix well and apply over face. keep for 20 to 30 minutes and wash with cold water. Apply toner and then moisturise. Banana will make your skin smoother than ever and honey will give you a beautiful glow.


Disclaimer: I have got good results with the above packs. But results may be different with different subject. Please be aware of your allergy to any of the natural ingredient. Author will not be responsible for any adverse result to any subject.

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