The mean “girl”..

In my last job , I had the meanest colleague . She is a 55 year old freak who does not have the necessary degree to sign out a patient’s report,  so I always have to co sign the report. Do you know what does that mean? That means all responsibility is mine, she is just a showcase. Still the management has employed her to hold her husband , as he is supposed give them a huge business prescribing unnecessary tests to the patients. So she will get more money than me for working (?) half of my time. I would work six hours and get everything done, she will come for three hours to scold every person working under us, do some sign (because she really does not know the subject )and keep saying how much wine she gobbled last night, how beautiful she is compared to her son’s girlfriend , how every man in our city is mad about her (really?)!!

And she will tell me why I am not keeping the workers under my shoes .. as if they are not human beings. Even people do not have their degrees , they learn the subject they are working on for long years. But she is just not interested. She would rather tell me how she has got her a** waxed by a salon girl and how everything is poured into their house by the medical representatives as her husband is ready to prescribe all the medicines. From this year our Govt. has officially announced doctors cannot take anything from the drug companies , and after that she almost cried to us , this is so irrational she says.

Still I was not saying a word, I needed the job and you cannot expect every person to be “nice” in there. Then one day, she proposed something which I cannot legally do. Before this job, I was a faculty in a college from where she has done her training as specialist, but she failed the final exam to get the degree. Now, according to the new rule, the log book of your speciality training must be signed by your head of the department or your thesis guide. Without that signature , you may not be allowed to take the exam again. So she told me to sign her book. Now , when she did her training in some ancient time , I was not there. And surely I am not her HOD or thesis guide. It is happened to be the same college we have been , me as faculty and she as student. But the time was totally different. The bottomline is she was never my student. So how can I do that? She said ‘it doesn’t  matter, she will spend some money to make an official seal in my name (God knows how?) and I should just sign it.

Of course I didn’t ! And so, she went to the management and said, I have misbehaved with her. So either they fire me , or her husband who gives black business to the hospital would walk away. And of course they fired me ….

Omg , shit happens all the time.

But you know I am worried right now, not for the job. I had a job already. But the way she is mean, I am really afraid , she can do something mean and bad on my way to the airport. I am going to a trip, all she knows about from my previously given application of leave. And she had been a shitty woman (I am sorry , but for that piece of sh** I cannot say better).. and all the time jealous of me. Why I am younger but have more qualification, why I have a boy friend, why I am getting money for working , why even I am alive!!!!

I am really scared guys , please please pray for me that I can fly and have my trip safely 😦

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  1. Sorry to hear. Think of it this way; maybe she has done you a favor and you’ll be heading a better life with the new job.And for fearing her…. there’s no need. It sounds like she cares only about herself, so she is not going to go out of her way hurting you.


  2. I don’t understand why these kind of mean people get their way through life acting like this. It’s so unfair. I wish you a safe trip. I don’t think she will bother with you, she’s probably too lazy.


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