The evening ..


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  1. I am just now getting to look at your extended blog and it is a fun tour. As far as Facebook, it is sort of useful but not without its ugly bits both personally and visually.

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  2. previously I was using Facebook a lot , but eventually it became a burden, I mean it is so fake. People are liking everything about , even when you are looking horrible they are pretending to like you. Or else they would say ‘Oh you are so lucky , you have achieved this and that’, but they won’t just see the struggle between the success. I started hating that. I mean not everyone but may be 5 out of 500 people there would be rally happy for you… u know what I mean 😛


      1. I do read your blog! I was just confused as to whether you visited these places or just wrote about them. It’s pretty amazing that you can visit all of these places. Great job! 🙂

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