Review : The Spör1, Narvik

DSC_2044 Last July while I was staying in Kiruna, we thought a visit to Narvik, the port city of Northern Norway. We booked a hostel over phone and caught  SJ train in the morning. In between we had a short trekking in Abisko. Then we took the 4 o’clock train from Abisko to reach Narvik by 6 in the evening. But unfortunately the train stopped in between and  took forever to reach and ultimately we stepped down to narvik station @ 8 pm.

We had a map of Narvik and practically ran to the hotel, because we were not so sure about the room availability and many tourists were heading towards the town. So as we reached , we saw a little cottage type inn. Just before us ,another couple was guided to the room by  the guy in the reception and we waited in the bench in front , as you can see in the above pic.


Next , we had to pay the full room rent even before seeing the room. Then he gave us the key to a room with a bunk bed and a damp smell. However , we had little options @ 8 o’clock in an unknown city. Then the previous couple came saying their room window was not being closed and the guy clearly said” we do not wanna see people what we r doing” He was right I thought. So the reception guy(? the owner guy) offered them another room , and I looked at the room they left. It has a big window facing the open ground and two clean beds , and a small basin and no obnoxious smell. I had my decisis …

We are taking this room” . Then we checked the window, and it was not closable 🙂 no lock either. So we decided to sleeping by rotation.  The room cost us 600 NOK  for one night., i better mention here.

The good thing was the inn has a small kitchen u can cook. We locked the room and went to see the town , came back at 12 and fortunately nothing was stolen through the window. We had some food and I slept, infact I think I slept all night and he was awake 😦

Then in the morning we went to one of the viewpoint, for a great view of the city. Only to come back at 11, coz, we were suppose to drop the keys in a key box there, if we saw none, and of course we did not see anyone around.


The good thing about Spor 1 is it is really in the  city centre and you can really walk through the town from here. Another is their washrooms are more or less clean, even with a heavy turn over of tourists. I guess they have nice bar too, though we being teetotaler can not give you a first hand expi. Internet is not a prob inNarvik, everywhere you get free wifi around.

But I guess they really have to work on their windows!!! 😉

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