50 Coolest things I have done till now :P

  1. Published hand written journal @ 3rd Grade
  2. High jumped on the Tropic of Cancer
  3. Visited Ice hotel in Jukkasjervi, Sweden.
  4. Hiked in Himalaya flowers 242
  5. Experienced midnight sun in Kiruna
  6. Tastes first Japanese food in Germany 😛1559425_703863876313841_1133669047_o
  7. Fell in love with the most awesome man in the world
  8. Travelled 7291 km to meet him
  9. Lived in a tree house in the forest of Northern India flowers 134
  10. Tried gluhwein for the first time in the Christmas market, Germany
  11. Had my first champaign in Emirates business class
  12. Made cool friends in Sweden and Sydney
  13. Completed my double Masters in Medicine @ the age of 30
  14. Explored the hiking trails in Abisko, Sweden 10514391_826274800739414_5654136784699912717_o
  15. Visited the oldest covered wooden bridge of Europe , in Lucerne
  16. Stayed in a five star hotel in Doha, Qatar DSC02993
  17. Performed 500 fine needle aspirations
  18. Time travelled to 5th Century as visited Ellora caves, India
  19. Started WordPressing
  20. Deleted my facebook account
  21. Visited the land of Vikings, Norway
  22. Explored Stockholm by water ways
  23. Learnt to cook while struggling with food in hostel DSC_1020  DSC_1025
  24. Learnt to deliver a baby in my internship, and give it to it’s mothers lap, and see the first divine smiles of both
  25. Hand painted a “Saree” with classical ‘Patua” style for my mom
  26. Got 262882 hits as a food critic @Zomato
  27. Survived a bunch of earthquakes
  28. Battled against my mom’s cancer , and she is fine now
  29. Visited Buddhist monastery in Phuentsholing, Bhutanflowers 286flowers 288
  30. Fed elephants in Elephant camp of Batabari reserve, India. flowers 189
  31. Walked through Koinagstrase, Stuttgart in half an hour, time in between two connecting trains 1496332_711811155519113_1363064610_o
  32. Had first handmade chocolate in Ooty, India.
  33. Slept till 12 noon everyday for two months
  34. Almost learnt driving 😛
  35. Went 540 meters below ground to the iron mine of LKAB , Kiruna DSC_0913 DSC_0982
  36. Tasted Rein deer meet in lingon berry sauce for the first time
  37. Bought my Mac book on my own money 😛
  38. Watched meteor shower all night lying under the stars on my rooftop, just the night before my math exam 😉
  39. Watched the best 3D animations ..UP, RATATOULLE, SHRECK , DESPICABLE ME, HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON, CROODS, RIO & everything else
  40. Planted a single seed of Mahogany tree when I was 10 years old , now it is a 50 feet tall full-grown tree. m 167
  41. Visited Institute of Space physics in Kiruna DSC_1465
  42. Performed in School plays as King and Frog Prince .. (No role of my own gender ..lolz)
  43. Bunked history classes for live commentary on cricket matches
  44. Explored most interior ranges in a national forest by jeep & elephant ride in North India flowers 220
  45. Spent the festival of light with the kids suffering from cancer, with balloons and chocolates and toys . DSC01453 DSC01457
  46. Visited Crocodile park in Mahabalipuram , India.  120120112052
  47. Selected as the youngest speaker in our upcoming International conference .
  48. Walked in the rain  at night through the roads of Zurich, Switzerland  DSC02301
  49. Flew my first 14 hours long international flight alone
  50. Made this list …wink wink … 😉     © thegreyeye.wordpress.com, 2015-21. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. All rights reserved.

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