Stockholm by water..

Stockholm uses ferry extensively as its daily transport . The city’s favourable geography helps exploiting  this unique transport system for both locale and travellers. Like all of the other modes of commuting in Sweden, boat rides are quite expensive. More than 30% of the city areas are water ways  And what really seems interesting to me is , many of the residents actually possess boats..!!



With Stockholm card for 3 days, two boat rides are free. So, we did not want to miss the ride. We walk to one boating station in front of the opera house and waited in a park nearby .




Soon our boat came and they gave us earphones to listen to the captain along the journey. But I preferred to seat in the open deck at the end of the boat, out side the covered area. It offered me a great view of the city.




The whole tour took two hours. It took us to every possible corner of the city through water. Unfortunately I did not charge my camera battery which died soon. I had to picture the city only through my Sony Xperia Z1 mobile phone . 😦






I was not able to take good pictures and images came little blurry as you can see here. But the images taken by my eyes and saved in my heart are unforgettable. I would suggest the backpackers not to miss this amazing ride while in Stockholm, otherwise you will miss the part of the city . Visit to Stockholm is truly incomplete without exploring the water ..






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