Happy new year 2015 …Wanna travel more and write more …

I cannot help look back to this day of last year.. I was in Germany and we planned to spend the new year’s day in Munich. Indeed, Bavaria is the best part of Germany , Munich is the heart of bavaria ! So in 31st , we walked to the Wurzburg station to get tickets.Bayern have an amazing way to treat it’s travellers. There are group traveller’s tickets and Bayern tickets. I had less money.We anxiously asked how much it will be , the old man sat in the help desk said 29 Euro for two. So I calculated and took out 58 Euros  for return journey, and told him to book the return ticket as well. After issuing the ticket , he said 29Euro, I surprisingly asked,but we need the return as well! “Well , it’s 29 Euro” …… I was amazed. We started in the morning at 5am and waited for Bus . Suddenly we realised  it was new year and all the schedules for buses and tram had changed 😛  We ran , we walked, I shouted “we r gonna miss it”.  We ran, we saw the dark streets , filled with broken beer bottles, remnant of fire works. I heard the whistle of the train, and as I was up in the platform, I saw the last coach was fading in the fog.I sat in the bench  crying and blaming . He was upset as well, but still managed to go to the railway ticket counter and back with a ticket. “Well, we have a train in half an hour”.. ….!! 1606517_703859119647650_575595718_o 1011339_10151907945666787_1077766429_n   DSC_0820 DSC_1368 DSC_1465 DSC_1777 DSC_2505

2014 has been hell of a year ..there were lots of good things , and many bad incidents as well. I travelled for short time, but visited Sweden and Norway.I worked hard but I suffered from depression in the last month a lot. And stopped writing. I read lots of novels including some thrillers. I  bought some really good dresses lately 🙂 …shopaholic me!! Now stepping to, 2015… only I hope for peace. I want to travel a lot this year. And thinking of writing a lot including starting the novel I am dying to write .Rest of the time I want to be close to my family. I also want to start painting again and learn French. And of course sharing with you all the adventures m gonna have 🙂 Wish u guys a wonderful new year ahed , wish peace and prosperity for all. Happy wordpressing 🙂

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