My bucket List 1…and why I wanna go there !!

At last I decided to post it..the places I really wanna visit before I die . 🙂 There are so many more places worth visit , but I feel at least I should go to these ones . So here it comes …

[All photos used in this post : source Google . Obviously I haven’t been there yet 😉 ]


Oh come on , every one wanna visit Paris. But the urge for Paris is definitely the credit of Remy.” What better place to dream than in Paris ?” And from then on, I wanted to go there. I saw a small youtube video once depicting the most visited tourist spots in Paris which obviously includes the Eiffel tower ,Du Louvre museum  and the Notre Dame. But Paris is the World capital for fashion, arts , foods and culture and what not! Be it Dane Brown’s The Vinci code for boosting my interest to see Monalisa , or  awesome Meryl Strip depicting Paris as the ultimate fashion destination , all have interested me day by day ..hopefully my next booking will be Air France 🙂


2. Amsterdam:   awesome, a must add to your bucket list

Frankly speaking I know very little about Amsterdam, and my idea of going Amsterdam was driven by the thought , I can avail car pool from Paris to Amsterdam :P. Then I came to know about the tulip festival from my colleague who has been there few years before. So I thought why not ?


3. Brussels.


I can visit Brussels only to see the Grand palace and the triumphal church.



Since long I wanted to go for mountain biking in Ladakh. It has the combination of dangerous road, harsh weather, freezing cold  and breathtaking views of Himalaya. I love mountain hiking and Ladakh is the ultimate experience for a hiker

5. Luxembourg

I really want to visit this small piece of Europe 🙂 . While walking past the roads of Zurich I saw the chocolates from Luxembourg and thought of visiting  there. Later I knew it is much more than only chocolate 😛 The towers and castles there keep reminding me of the story of Rapunzel.


6. TOULOUSE :  Done

I did not even knew there is a place called Toulouse. And then he went to study there. Obviously all the places he has been will be in my bucket list . So from Paris I am gonna catch a night train to toulouse.


7. Florence:

How can it not be in my list ..the kingdom of arts and science, the city of Michelangelo and Dante , Galileo and Da Vinci ..What more reason do I need to see the birthplace of European Renaissance 🙂


8. Goa:

Goa holds an entirely different culture compared to the rest of India. The city stands for a liberal culture and freedom from the petty taboos. Now I regret why I did not take the post grad there, even after getting it. So,to make that up I must go to the ‘must go’ beach of India.


9. Copenhagen : Done


Since I read Hans Anderson’s stories I dreamt about this beautiful city. Till now I can imagine the little match girl in the roads of Copenhagen or the snow queen taking little kai and Gerda away to the Finland. I have to see this city.

10. Salzburg: Done

I was about to go to Salzburg from Zurich. And instead half the day we spent in the hauptbahnhoff ,fighting. Salzburg is a must see for me for the famous Barque architecture and salt mine. I will be happy to take the sound of music tour as well .


And guess what I have told only ten places of my bucket list and many more remain to write up… 😦

Soon gonna update you with the rest…

9 thoughts on “My bucket List 1…and why I wanna go there !!

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  1. Cool list, but I have one comment about your wish to fly with Air France: Watch out that there won’t be a strike, which is their favorite thing to do I guess. Due to that, I flew to Istanbul as a stopover instead to Paris, but that’s another story 😉

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  2. I never really developed a bucket list but did what I wanted to do at any given time and mostly I like to wander around anywhere kind of aimlessly with my camera, even in our kitchen or yard. I am glad to follow you along your check off of the bucket list.


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