Victoria Memorial Hall , Kolkata

Victoria Memorial hall is a monument and museum built in the British occupied India .And though by all means I hate Lord Curzon being responsible for the fatal partitioning of Bengal, he proposed the construction of this grand building.



The building was designed by architect William Emerson, the president of Royal Institute of British Architects, who also happened to design the Crawford market in Mumbai. What is unique about the building is the mixture of Mughal and British architectural elements along with Venetian, Egyptian and Deccani influences.





Today, it is a favourite place for young couples to spend their evening together, also a must see for tourists visiting Kolkata.




Victoria memorial hall or simply ‘ Victoria’ by locals is a place with lots of memories for me. I used stay in a hostel nearby in my college days and used to go there for morning walk and meditation. In the hustle and bustle of the City of Joy, it is an oasis for getting fresh air. The little greenery still left in the centre of the city, which can give you a moment of relief.





The museum inside hosts many art exhibitions as well as houses many relics and artefacts . Without visiting ‘Victoria’, your trip to Kolkata will be incomplete. 🙂


Victoria : in twilight :[Image below source- Google ]


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