“Dilwale” Delhi.. The Broad -hearted Delhi.


Delhi has been a witness to the changing history of India.Being an old thriving city through centuries, it’s mention dates back to the time of Pandava’s  , in Magabharata, the great epic of India. The then Delhi was known as Indraprastha. Delhi  became the capital of Mamluk  dynasty, the first dynasty of Muslim sultans to rule over northern India. From the date of its new captors, Delhi felt the impact of their culture  for the next six and a half centuries specially in architecture.DSC01000

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Delhi has been ruled by the Muslim emperors for the longest period, so the ancient sculptures bears the signature of Mughal sculpture. Though it holds many Hindu temple as well, but the most visited relics are mostly built during the Muslim emperors who had also destroyed many hindu temples.





I went to Delhi for the first time during my counselling for postgraduate seats. We have a national exam system to get into the post grad medicine and after that the seats are distributed across the country according to your rank. It was May, and unthinkably hot. The days were almost unbearable and sweaty. We took an auto to visit almost every prominent epic building and monuments. I would suggest you the best time is in winter, as the heat is almost unbearable in summer and you can simply get dehydrated, and fall ill.








Delhi is a city I just cannot explain you in one post. It is a place where past meets the present. As for me,I am interested in Indian history , so I visited mostly these places. But Delhi will offer you much more. It has great shopping places where you can find best ethnic clothes as well as clothes from almost every part of the World. It is a fine place of culinary arts, and you can go for the Mughlai or North Indian cuisines . All kinds of handcrafts, jewellery and fashion accessories are available in their best variations. You can visit the museums or simply go to the endless number of temples with splendid architecture and spreading the practice of find your inner peace.




for the persian majur s who came to built humayun ka makbara






Delhi is well connected with world with air, rail and road tracks. Here hundreds of hotels will offer you pleasant stay in nominal prices. Best option for travel is by Metro. You can also rent a car, but it is an old place holding seven ancient cities together and expanding every day. Unlkie Europe roadmaps are not readily available and people still believe in asking others to find an unknown destination. So it is not a bad idea to rely on an auto, the driver usually knows all the destinations u want to go, and they will drop you safely. Delhi is not safe females, so try not to travel alone, let your friends and family know where you are roaming and keep internet with you all the time. And do not forget to enjoy the city where history becomes alive 🙂

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