Why do I travel :)

World is an open book, I want to read every page ….

I always wished  I had lots of money , I would just take a backpack and go away, to the unknown path. I am in love with so many places I have still not been to…. some of them I have seen in movies.. some I have read about! Some places  my friends have gone and like that. I feel everyday that this 9 to 5 life is not the thing i am gonna remember in my old days. People like me, who do not have so much money to just set the sail to unknown whenever they want,  have no choice but doing the routine jobs. But for me, I do them just to buy the ticket for my next trip. Being a doctor , I am duty bound sometimes. But still , I keep planning my trips , near or far all the time, because it brings me fresh air. I keep on visiting lands , to know the different people, their food, their festivals , their rituals , their belief!  For me, it is the best way to know the world. I am lucky to be born in a country, where every state are different in so many ways, they have different languages, foods and fashions. So its kind of many countries residing in one! Even my fiancé and me speak different native languages. But all I take as an opportunity to know the world better.  You can see my posts, pin it , give me ideas and share your experiences … whatever you want 🙂

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