Riksgransen ..


Riksgransen is a small station at Swedish -Norwegian border and it is best known for Alpine skiing in the winter. And also for the winter season testing of the pre production cars. I have not been there in winter though, summer seemed no less beautiful than winter  to me, where lappish wilderness is just around the corner. You can take a SJ train from  Kiruna to Riksgransen, which will take 2-3 hours and it cost around 40 euro in July 2014.

The history of Riksgransens dates back to 1902, when Ofoten railway track was finished. Soon after the Norrbotten military personnel had to evacuate the then 500 residents of Riksgransen  due to extreme harsh weather and hurricane. In 1928, the Hotel first started with 18 beds and a price of 1 kronor for the members. In 1952 the first ski airway was started as baskets you climbed onto as they moved.


If you love nature, you will love to be here. It is cold and windy even in summer .There are many hiking trails. Or simply you can fill your backpack with some foods and books and spend the whole day reading beside one of the hundred lakes nearby and enjoying the sun. In summer they will accommodate you in the STF hotel, but remember there is only self catering with no restaurants out there and the nearest grocery is 2 km away.


Björkliden, a place around 30 km away , is a favourite destination. It offers fantastic mountain scenery  around and a wide range of outdoor activities for all like golf , fishing ,cave adventure and mid night hiking. 





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