My bucket list 3: Final list till now ;)

21. Auckland 22. Barcelona   done 23.Colombo 24.Egypt 25. Kerala. 26. JORDAN 27. London 28. Nairobi 29. New york city 30. Ushuaia to antarctica 31. Thailand 32. Vienna , Austria 33. Dubai 34. Otago. 35. Monte Carlo   DONE Till now that's all... lemme complete this one ... and may be I will make a new list ...... Continue Reading →


My bucket list 2

All photos used in this post : source Google . Obviously  coz I haven't been there yet 😉 11. Istanbul To see the beautiful Blue mosque and Hagia sophia 🙂 12.  Greece I wanna go there for my Honeymoon that weird? 😛 13. Rio De Janeiro Have you ever seen the movie RIO, once... Continue Reading →

Victoria Memorial Hall , Kolkata

Victoria Memorial hall is a monument and museum built in the British occupied India .And though by all means I hate Lord Curzon being responsible for the fatal partitioning of Bengal, he proposed the construction of this grand building. The building was designed by architect William Emerson, the president of Royal Institute of British Architects, who also happened to... Continue Reading →

Becoming a Nomad

I found it great 🙂

Riding Shotgun

I just jumped off a cliff. Well, not literally, but I did make a big life change. It’s been about a month since I quit my job. Within the following week my husband and I sold our car, put most of our stuff in storage, sent our daughter off to her second year of college and moved in to his truck.

Let me give you a bit of background. My husband has been a long haul driver almost exclusively for the past nine years. During most of that time he was gone 2-4 weeks at a time and usually home for only a couple of days in between. The physical distance definitely strained our relationship and there were times we weren’t sure we would make it. A few times he came home to live and tried his hand at sales, which is what he did before the economic problems in…

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“Dilwale” Delhi.. The Broad -hearted Delhi.

Delhi has been a witness to the changing history of India.Being an old thriving city through centuries, it's mention dates back to the time of Pandava's  , in Magabharata, the great epic of India. The then Delhi was known as Indraprastha. Delhi  became the capital of Mamluk  dynasty, the first dynasty of Muslim sultans to rule... Continue Reading →

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